Peace is the way

When living through times of upheaval, conflict and war, it might be tempting to ask: “What is the way to peace?” After all, hardly anyone wants to experience conflicts and war, so it is an obvious and natural question to ask. But is there really a ‘way to peace’? As if we believe that if we only knew what to do and how to do it, there would be peace. So to answer my own question, I would say that there is no way to peace, because peace is the way. Peace will never be the final result of some kind of negotiation process or ‘battle plan’. It can only ever come about when enough of us realise that we need to make peace a living, tangible reality in our own personal lives.

Peace on Earth can become a reality only when we live in a state of inner peace and harmony, because unless we do, all our efforts at stopping war and achieving peace will be in vain. Before anything else, we need to put our own house in order, because if we don’t, we will only continue to feed into the conflicts and wars currently manifesting themselves in the world. We may not have any direct or active involvement in current conflicts, but if we are in an inner state of conflict, however subtle it may be, we are still contributing to whatever conflicts we might be a witness to. Nobody exists in isolation, and regardless of what we do or don’t do, we will always continue to be co-creators of whatever dramas are played out on the world stage.

While it certainly is very important to realise that we need to be free of conflict ourselves, we also need to understand where conflict comes from. How is it generated in the first place? What is the root cause of conflicts? What is the original seed from which they spring? To answer these questions, it will be necessary to look at how the human mind operates. Does it tend to function from a state of division or from a state of oneness? It seems obvious that, for quite some time, the default setting for the human mind has been that of division, and where there is division, there will be some degree of conflict. But why is there division within the human mind? Where does this division come from? And can this division be dissolved into a state of oneness?

The root cause of division is quite simply the idea, belief or feeling that we exist as separate egos, or distinct entities somehow detached from the world around us and from other people. This idea or belief that we are all separate, a ‘me’ on the inside, looking at and interacting with a ‘world’ on the outside, and relating to ‘other’ ego identities, is so deeply ingrained in most of us that it’s hardly ever questioned by anyone. It’s mostly taken for granted that ‘I’ am a distinct and unique entity that by its very nature is separate from other entities, and that our innermost essence is something that is of a personal nature. But is this really the case? Isn’t this just another assumption we have been conditioned to accept as fact?

What is so sorely missing in our self-satisfied and affluent lives is true self-knowledge. We may feel that we have accomplished a lot in our individual lives and even as a species, but even if that might be the case, do we truly know who we are? Do we know what we are in essence, and what our real identity is? Isn’t it rather obvious that for the vast majority of humanity, the answer to those questions is quite simply ‘no’? Authentic self-knowledge may for most of us seem like a kind of unnecessary luxury for only a small minority of people, or even as something relatively irrelevant, so consequently it’s something that most people have never really been very interested in.

To find peace and thus contribute to peace on Earth we need to heal the division within the mind, and realise the oneness of all life. A reliable and time-tested approach to accomplish this is to find the answer to the question “Who am I?” This doesn’t mean finding out who you are in relation to somebody else, or in terms of your current role in society, and has nothing whatsoever to do with your ancestral, social or personal background, nor does it have anything to do with the circumstances into which you were born, and the political, social or cultural climate in which you happen to live.

It relates directly to the essence of your true nature and life itself, which are identical. What you are isn’t something that comes and goes, nor does it change over time. It does not depend on any kind of external or internal circumstances, nor is it affected by anything that might happen to you during the course of your life. The essence of who you are, your very being, is something that never changes. It is eternally present, and completely independent of what we think of as life and death. It is the formless, eternal and universal presence of being, which was never born and never dies. It does not depend on anything else, and is utterly unaffected by whatever might be happening on the level of form.

It is that which is aware of these words and their meaning, as well as anything else that comes and goes on your journey through life. We might think of it as consciousness, awareness, spirit, being, the formless, or the ever-present knowing within which all phenomena of life, including time and space, come and go, appear and disappear. It depends on nothing else, yet everything on the level of form, including time and space, depends on it, and can even be seen as modulations or expressions of it. It is everywhere, yet nowhere, and without it, no existence, world or experience could ever be possible. That is what you are, what I am, what everything is. It is universal, impersonal and beyond anything we can ever define, describe, compartmentalise or categorise.

The realisation of who you are is essentially a transformation that is spiritual in nature. However, it is important to understand that spiritual transformation isn’t something that you can ‘do’. It’s not on the level of doing. Nobody can predict or force it to happen, and when it does happen, it happens not because of anything that you do, but in spite of whatever you might be doing. It’s a mystery, yet we can still put certain conditions in place for a spiritual transformation to happen. What is required is a deep passion for truth; for knowing the truth of what you are. That is for most of us the necessary fuel for it, yet it can also happen completely out of the blue, without any prior interest in spiritual matters.

This kind of transformation seems to be fairly uncommon, but maybe that’s got something to do with the conditioning that we have all been exposed to. This conditioning has made us into unquestioning consumers who will in most cases just accept whatever we’re told without even thinking about whether it makes any sense or not. Consequently, many of us have unfortunately become the hapless and unknowing victims of cleverly executed propaganda. If we allow ourselves to steadily slide down this slippery slope of ‘dumbing down’, we will be less and less likely to ever question whatever explanations and answers that are presented to us. Living in a state of inner turmoil, conflict, fear, misery and unhappiness has become so common it could even be considered normal. To put it simply, most of us have become so distracted by the dramas of the world and our own inner confusion that in practice it’s not that easy to realise the plain and simple truth of who and what we are.

We may think and feel that we are entities, persons, separate from everything and everybody else, but isn’t this just a mental construct, the inevitable result of a mind divided by relentless propaganda and conditioning right from the very start of one’s life? The false ego identity operates from the illusion of being somebody in particular, and that it can do all sorts of things to become happy and find fulfilment. A common attitude in this kind of scenario is the belief that life is a struggle, an endless fight for survival in a largely hostile world full of adversity, obstacles and problems. However, the ego is in actual fact nothing more than a bundle of thought patterns, emotional reactions and ingrained habits. It is a psychological and mental construct without any true reality. Unfortunately, we tend to identify with this egoistic self. The ego may go through all kinds of changes and develop in many ways, but it is forever destined to move solely within its own narrowly defined boundaries.

Now you might well ask what any of this has to do with creating peace on Earth, and that is a fair question. After all, it may all come across as somewhat philosophical and abstract, without much relevance to the stark reality of our lives and whatever might be going on in the world. Yet it is only through self-knowledge that an inner revolution can take place. This inner revolution is now an urgent necessity on a global level, in that it has become essential for the survival of humanity in our natural form.

For peace on Earth to become a reality, internal division in the human mind must be dissolved into oneness. That means rising above the belief in a separate ego entity and the resulting expressions of selfishness. It means realising the oneness of all life, that life is an indivisible unity, and that we are but temporary expressions of that one indivisible life. The most fundamental obstacle to this is the belief in separation, the notion of being somebody in particular. That is what creates the division that inevitably leads to conflict. It is the belief in the ego identity that leads to selfishness, primarily expressed as fear, greed or both. That’s what gives rise to all conflict and all wars. It starts on that level. Letting go of this belief in separation, the belief in ‘I, me, and mine’ as a distinct entity is the only revolution. It’s quite simply what’s required to change the sad state of affairs that’s making the world into a madhouse. It’s on the verge of destroying life on Earth. It is on this inner level that the change needs to take place, and without this fundamental change, we may not even survive the current crisis.

How many people are aware of this? How many people can see this? So far, it seems like a fairly uncommon realisation, although that will hopefully soon change. Most people seem to think we’re up against something ‘out there’, some threat coming at us from the outside, that it’s all the fault of the ‘bad guys’, whoever they might be. However, what we’re really up against, more than anything else, is our own inner division, our own inner conflicts, our own belief in separation and our belief in being distinct entities, living in a world that exists independently of consciousness itself.

At the end of the day, all the conflicts and problems in the world spring from this source; the belief in ‘me’ as a separate entity. This solidifies into a hard core which projects the source of the world’s problems to be ‘out there’ somewhere, and then fights against it. That source, whether it’s a person, a group of people, a country or whatever, will inevitably fight back. And there it is; the conflicts that are destroying the world. Peace will come only through the dissolution of division, through the melting away of this hard core of ego into oneness. It is the realisation that all is one and that life is an indivisible unity. In this way, the ‘I’ becomes less and less important, almost insignificant; just something that’s hardly more than a functional entity for practical purposes.

The inner revolution is gathering pace and will eventually burst forth into full flowering. That will also be the birth of a new human inhabiting a new Earth, and once that happens, peace on Earth will be a living reality for all. It will be the dawn of a new era in human history, unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Peace on Earth will be a reality only when we are manifesting peace in our own lives. Once we are at peace, the world is at peace, and love, creativity, abundance and harmony will effortlessly flower.

The most dangerous superstition

I recently listened to the audio version of a book called ‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’ by Larken Rose. It’s a very interesting book, well worth reading (or listening to), and I do recommend it. This book’s central claim is that ‘government’ is the most dangerous superstition, but even though what we know as ‘government’ most definitely is a dangerous superstition, I don’t agree that it is the most dangerous one. After all, what is government other than just another expression of identification with separate ego? In other words, ‘government’ is a manifestation of selfishness, disguised as a benign institution voted in by ‘the people’ in order to organise and administer society to the common good of all, and make sure that nobody suffers unnecessarily. But as we all know only too well, that’s a far cry from reality and how things actually work.

It’s obvious that the world has for a long time been dominated by selfishness, most directly expressed through greed and fear, and this is unfortunately still the case, perhaps more so than ever. As long as this is the state of affairs, nothing much is going to change. Moreover, virtually all political leaders and other people in powerful positions are fully consumed by selfishness, often expressed as a strong desire for control and power. It could even be argued that only the most selfish and narcissistic egomaniacs could ever manage to ascend to the highest positions of political power. And so, the ruthless struggle for power and control goes on, getting only more and more ridiculous and crazy by the day.

The present state of the world is a perfect reflection of almost total identification with ego, of ego desperately trying to survive, and not just to survive, but to make itself bigger, stronger, more powerful, more in control. It’s a vicious circle; the more power ego-obsessed people get, the more they seem to want, and the result of this is a world that’s spiralling down into ever greater depths of insanity. Desire for power and control is actually quite unnatural and goes against life itself. Given the way in which the world has developed over the last hundred years or so, if not even longer, and especially since 2020, it is entirely possible that we may well live to see the complete collapse of modern civilisation. Such a presumably unpleasant scenario would in fact essentially be the inevitable end result of identification of ego on a planetary level. It would be the final and ultimate result of the ego’s narcissistic hunger for power and control.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a steadily accelerating process known as globalisation. This relentless push for massively increased surveillance and centralisation of power is obviously what all the globalist egomaniacs in organisations like the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and many others are all working towards. They seem totally consumed by a crazy ego-centred lust for power and an insatiable desire for control. However, the people leading these organisations are by no means the only ones caught in the illusion of ego identity. Even most of what we think of as ‘ordinary people’ identify with ego as their primary identity, despite the fact that such an identity is false, and inevitably leads to division and conflict.

Once humanity moves beyond identification with a separate core ego identity, government and politics as we think of them will no longer exist, nor will royalty, hierarchical power structures, and perhaps not even countries, at least not as we know them now. It would be a different world altogether, but most people won’t even have considered that possibility, quite simply because they are themselves so totally entrenched in ego identity that they would find it difficult even to imagine anything beyond it. That’s not to say that they’re necessarily doing anything wrong. Everybody is wherever they are in their development, in their particular expression of life, and it’s all the way it is, maybe how it has to be at this time.

The world can only change for the better through an inner revolution, nothing less than a spiritual transformation. That kind of quantum leap quite simply means letting go of identification with a separate ego self, higher self, soul – or whatever word one prefers – as one’s primary identity. That leaves universal, unlimited, impersonal consciousness as one’s primary identity, and that is the transformation that is required for humanity to create a world of peace, harmony and true abundance.

Anyone who has let go of the identification with a fake ego identity, will find it much easier to envision and understand what a transformed world might look and feel like. Then you will also realise that all the hierarchical power structures of the world, as well as the many institutions of modern civilisation and our society, are all based on this kind of ego identification. That’s why they can’t survive in the long run. They will sooner or later vanish, and something else will take their place, and so the entire world of politics and government will eventually become redundant. In a new world of peace, harmony and unity, the profession of being a ‘politician’ would be completely irrelevant and superfluous, so would no longer exist. None of it has any place in a sane world. It’s not needed. A sane world will and can only be populated by people who are actually sane, and what need would they ever have of politicians, royalty, self-serving ‘think tanks’ and hypocritical non-governmental organisations? All of that will come to an end as a new world emerges.

The transformation that humanity and this planet is currently undergoing is a spiritual transformation, and it is emerging from deep within. It’s not something that we can take control over and force into a particular kind of pattern, or anything like that. It’s of course still entirely up to us how we relate to what is happening in the world, how we decide to live and what path we choose to travel through these difficult and challenging times. Regardless of what choices we may make, and what paths we happen to be travelling, all will eventually lead to the same end result; a world that is totally transformed for the better, because the human expression of consciousness will be flowering to its full potential throughout humanity as a whole.

A transition into a world of peace, harmony, love and oneness does of course mean entering into a totally different world, and that’s not necessarily an easy transition. However, we can to some extent make choices that will make this process easier. On the one hand, we can mindlessly just go along and accept all the insanities that they are trying to push on us, such as digital ID, central bank digital currency, a cashless society, a China-style social credit system, total surveillance, the internet of things and bodies, as well as endless injections of toxic substances. If that’s what we end up doing, this transition would almost certainly be very difficult, painful and challenging, even though it would still happen. In such a scenario, there might not be that many people left to emerge on the other side. On the other hand, if we actively do resist all those various methods of control and manipulation, with their loss of freedom and autonomy, and practice peaceful non-compliance, then the entire process of transformation is likely to be much easier.

Many people are now also actively trying to create and build alternatives to the current emergence of the insane dystopia of technocracy, transhumanism and automation of life in all areas of society. These efforts of finding viable alternatives to the evolving real-life version of 1984 are very commendable, and of course necessary. Such a process of creative regeneration is also a process of trial and error, but that’s the way of any task as monumental as creating a new world while the old one is collapsing all around us. In other words, the ‘old normal’ is never coming back, and what is currently referred to as the ‘new normal’ has no chance whatsoever of surviving in the long run. A new world is starting to come into view, and it’s a world where humanity in its natural expression has not only survived, but gone through the necessary spiritual transformation to create a world which is built on the rock solid foundation of peace, freedom, unconditional love and harmony in all our relationships.

Regardless of how we end up finding our way through all this, the most important aspect of the entire process is that it is a transformation that is spiritual in nature. However, it would appear that a lot of people have not yet understood or realised that, and this seems to be the case in the ‘freedom movement’ as well. I do get the impression that a lot of people who are fighting against the ever-encroaching tyranny and draconian nature of everything that the would-be dictators of the world are trying to put in place, seem to think that if we could only get rid of this or that political leader, or cleanse the world of people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, dissolve the World Economic Forum and all these other entities and organisations, then we’ll be fine. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

What is required is a spiritual transformation flowering from within all individuals, but it is very important to keep in mind that spiritual transformation is most definitely not some kind of airy-fairy New Age fluff, complete with all the right feel-good words and beliefs. What a spiritual transformation actually means is quite simply the transformation of fear into love, greed into generosity, war into peace, conflict into harmony and division into oneness. That transformation is not just a nice idea, but something that we all need to fully live, embody and manifest in the world, in all our relationships. That’s what it’s going to take.

So, to sum up, the most dangerous superstition isn’t ‘government’ as such, because government as we have come to know it, is just a symptom of a deeper and much more serious malady. The most dangerous superstition, by a long shot, is the unquestioned and unexamined belief in a separate ego as one’s core identity, living in a world that exists independently of consciousness. That separate entity doesn’t exist, nor is there such a thing as a ‘world’, material or otherwise, that exists independently of consciousness.

Our true nature, who we are in essence, is being itself, universal consciousness, which is not separate from anything on the level of form. It is formless, impersonal and unlimited. It was never born and never dies. It is always present. It is that without which nothing could ever exist, not even as potentiality. It is the essence of all life; the conscious creative intelligence that is at the heart of life itself. That is the true nature of who we all are. Everything that we think of as the world – all aspects of life, all manifestation, including time and space – is contained within that. An infinite number of different forms come and go. They appear, seem to exist and then disappear, yet being itself is eternally present here now. Consciousness is not something that is residing inside each body, as it were, somehow existing in the world, or the universe. All bodies, the whole world, the universe and all the rest of it, are just appearances within consciousness, modulations of consciousness as it were, and nothing but temporary expressions of that which is eternally present.

The realisation of all this is the key that unlocks the door to a new Earth and a world of freedom, peace, unconditional love and harmony.

The Nature of Consciousness

There is conscious experience. Consciousness is, that is beyond any reasonable kind of debate. Consciousness is everybody’s most obvious experience. It is also obvious that everything is an appearance within that all-inclusive fundamental reality, including all the basic forces or constituents of life. Consciousness, life itself, is all, and holds everything in its embrace. All forms, whether physical, mental, ethereal or anything else, are appearances within this all-inclusive reality, that which always is. It is effortless and inevitable. Even though it couldn’t be simpler than that, it’s still the most inexplicable mystery.

It is common to think and say things like “I am conscious”, or for instance that somebody has gone unconscious, or lost consciousness, as if consciousness is something that belongs to all these seemingly individual forms. Who is conscious? It is consciousness itself. Only consciousness can be conscious, because only consciousness truly is. It is untouched by the ever-changing nature of the world of forms, and yet the world of forms is essentially just an outer appearance of what consciousness is, expressing itself in ever changing ways, never repeating anything. It is the creative and obviously intelligent reality in which everything appears and disappear.

Nobody has consciousness. Consciousness just is. All the different forms come and go. They appear and seem to exist, and disappear. That’s the world of forms and appearance, or “The ten thousand things”, as Lao Tzu said. It’s of course a much bigger number than ten thousand, but that’s an accurate enough way of expressing that deeper truth.

Consciousness is the unlimited eternal, that which never changes, that which always is, that which includes all of life, whatever that is. All different forms in all different dimensions, including time and space. It couldn’t be more obvious. It’s like cosmic hide and seek; hiding in plain sight. We can try to explain this with words, and maybe we can come up with something very clever, but we still haven’t really touched the reality and truth of it. It’s far beyond any words and forms, and yet includes all worlds and forms, all doing and non-doing.

How come that there is indeed conscious experience? That there is this undeniable reality? It’s a miracle. Consciousness itself is the true source of all religion, all spirituality, all philosophy, all human endeavour – everything flows from that eternal reality. But how is it possible that consciousness just is? That fact alone makes philosophies like materialism and atheism redundant, as if they’re just irrelevant and childish explanations of something that cannot be explained or put into words. Life is an expression on the level of form of that deeper reality of consciousness. It’s all inclusive, and identical to that which is aware of all this, whatever it is. We are that, everything is that, and yet consciousness is not just an aspect of life and existence, because all life and all existence are contained within it, or an expression of it on the level of form.

Consciousness is not something that we ‘have’, as if there is an identity or person or somebody inside us that is somehow conscious. Materialists and atheists believe that we cease to exist at the time of death, which is thought of as the end of life. The more spiritually inclined, and religious people, believe that the soul lives on and goes somewhere else. It could be heaven or hell or some kind of system of reincarnation, or whatever. However, common to all these beliefs, whether they’re materialist, atheist, religious or anything else, is the idea that there is a world that exists independently of consciousness. According to all these beliefs, the world exists as a fundamental reality in which consciousness has appeared, or can potentially appear. That’s the philosophical framework not only of materialism, but also of most religious or spiritual views of life. This seemingly more expansive world view, with its various ideas about the afterlife, higher dimensions and suchlike, essentially subscribes to the same kind of notion that there is a distinct kind of world that exists independently of consciousness, even if it transcends the so-called material.

All the same, it’s not really qualitatively different from materialism. It’s still holding on to the belief that there is a separate reality, that various distinct beings, people, souls, spirits may or may not exist within these realities, and that they can be more or less conscious. And yet, all these worlds, whatever they are, whether they are material, astral, etheric, of higher dimensions or whatever – the possibilities are endless – all appear within the wider unlimited reality of consciousness itself, which is what we are in essence.

There isn’t a separate person who is conscious, because only consciousness is, and only consciousness can be conscious, so from that point of view, nothing can ever be separate from the ultimate reality of consciousness. We are not separate entities, little egos, or big ones for that matter. We are the eternal, infinite, all-inclusive conscious, creative intelligence that truly is all that is and ever can be. It is the mystery that is beyond any explanation. The fact that everything just is, that there is conscious experience, and that consciousness is, is beyond what we can explain or define. And yet we keep on exploring this, even though sooner or later we always arrive at the point where words fall away and become irrelevant. We are left with that mystery that is far beyond absolutely anything we can ever experience, imagine, dream or think about. And yet all of that; our dreams, imaginations, explanations, philosophies, religions, and all the rest of it are just appearances within the wider reality of consciousness itself. Without consciousness, nothing could ever be, exist or appear. No experience, world, creation, appearance or anything else, could ever be possible without consciousness.

The idea of God seems like a feeble attempt at sticking a label on this ultimate reality. Such labels seem irrelevant because when all is said and done, there is conscious creative intelligence at play, of an order and magnitude that we can’t even begin to explain, or put into any kind of theory or philosophy.

The idea of separate identities is the source of all division and conflict. There is a subtle level of conflict built into the idea of being separate beings, but this source of conflict will start to fade away when we realise that the reality of all-inclusive consciousness is the true nature of what we are. The conscious, creative intelligence of life is always expressing itself in an infinite number of forms and realities, worlds and universes. The awakening to this realisation has the potential to transform the world into one of love, harmony, abundant creativity, peace and joy. At the heart of life is the love that was never born and will never die. That love is the essence of life and what we are.

A positive vision of humanity’s future

There can no longer be any doubt that we are currently living through unprecedented world historic times, but even so, it seems that the majority of us may not yet have realised that what we are all now directly involved in, is at heart a spiritual transformation, orders of magnitude greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before. The time has now come for all of us to take the quantum leap into manifesting the new human inhabiting a new Earth. This is no small task, but we have the potential for this, otherwise we wouldn’t be here at this time.

However, we shouldn’t downplay the forces currently working against us and this planetary spiritual transformation. By now it should be abundantly clear to us that humanity is under very serious attack. Everything that’s being pushed upon us is geared towards an end scenario of massive global depopulation, the implementation of transhumanism, and the replacement of humanity with synthetic humanoid forms, living under total surveillance in a society that’s a full-fledged technocracy, with digital ID, digital money, digital everything. In other words, a new kind of high-tech serfdom, which amounts to complete slavery for the vast majority of us. The insane globalist billionaires orchestrating this are trying to bring about what they love to refer to as “the great reset” or a “new world order”, which are insider catchphrases for a tiny elite controlling everybody and owning absolutely everything, and everybody else owning nothing.

This is of course a very serious situation, yet we should not despair or feel despondent about any of it, because in actual fact, it’s all part of humanity’s spiritual awakening. In a sense, it is not only a wake-up call for all of us, but also a detox process on humanity’s journey towards its full potential. Once this crisis has run its course and exhausted itself, we will also have gone through the necessary spiritual cleansing to inhabit a new Earth populated by a new human being. This spiritual cleansing is absolutely essential for peace on Earth to become a living and tangible reality. It will help us leave selfishness, greed and fear behind for good, and thus make harmony, peace and love into a living reality for all of us.

In this new world, there will be no politicians or governments. It will be a completely decentralised world, in which people will be living in fairly small communities, cooperating with each other, instead of competing for land and resources. The new human will be living in complete harmony with all life, loving, honouring and respecting the natural world. Any agricultural activities will be conducted along the lines of what we today think of as small-scale organic farming and permaculture, and all necessary energy will be generated in natural and harmless ways, many of which are still to be discovered and developed into viable alternatives to fossil, nuclear and so-called ‘green’ ways of generating energy.

The new Earth will be peaceful and harmonious, yet also affluent. A life of oneness and harmony will effortlessly create a world free from conflict and selfishness. A transformed world can become a reality only through the spiritual transformation of the individual. For this to happen, deep and authentic self-knowledge is absolutely essential. Each and every one of us has to realise our true nature as universal consciousness, the formless eternal that gives birth to all forms. This will transform fear into love, greed into generosity, war into peace, conflict into harmony, bondage into freedom and division into oneness.

A world of peace and harmony is one in which all human endeavour, interaction and communication are totally free from conflict and based on everybody’s shared values of love, integrity and kindness. When all human activity is conducted from a universally shared vision of oneness and the living reality of the unity of all life, we will finally be living in a world of peace, abundance and harmony, as living manifestations of unconditional love, true moral integrity and spiritual maturity. This is our highest potential and ultimate destiny.

You might be thinking to yourself that this may all sound very nice, but utterly utopian, and that’s a fair point. After all, this vision of humanity’s future and our ultimate destiny seems a far cry from the reality of what we are actually facing during these troubled times. I am also very well aware of the fact that, for the most part, humanity is not quite ready for an enlightened world of peace and harmony. We still have some growing up to go through, but this process of awakening is certainly gathering pace, and may soon reach the critical mass necessary for transformation on a planetary scale to take place.

But what is it going to take? What can we do to make such a monumental shift in consciousness take place? There isn’t a blueprint or a pre-determined plan for anything like this, so it is important to understand that each and every one of us has to take responsibility for bringing about a new world of justice, peace and harmony. We all have our unique and very individual part to play in such an epic transformation, and there is no ‘one and only way’ to spiritual transformation that everybody must follow. However, it’s not primarily a question of what we need to do, because we are after all talking about a revolution in consciousness, and that is a revolution that can’t really be triggered by any particular kind of ‘doing’ on our part. Yet at the same time, as long as we follow our deepest inner guidance, whatever we happen to be doing at any one time will play its necessary part in this transformation.

The true source of the monumental changes that are currently taking place on this planet may be hidden from our sight, but even so, we are all essential for this multidimensional process to take place and reach its conclusion. We have the potential to be the ultimate flowering of Life itself, hence we are charged with the responsibility and privilege of being the main agents through which the long-awaited transformation of planet Earth will finally turn from potential into living reality. We may find it difficult even to imagine how we could possibly reach our full potential and create a new world of peace and harmony, especially considering the serious state the world is presently in.

Nobody knows exactly how all of this will play out, yet we can help the spiritual transformation of humanity by letting go of all fear, and to the best of our ability be the change that we want to see in the world. Regardless of what the powers that shouldn’t be are trying to foist upon us and force us into, they will eventually fail and be fully exposed for all to see. Their modern iteration of the tower of Babel will sooner or later come tumbling down, and the ultimate outcome of the upheaval and chaos we are currently in the midst of can in the long run only be a new Earth of peace, harmony, love, freedom and true justice. This new Earth will be inhabited by a new human being manifesting a totally new kind of life, which is one of boundless joy, creativity and abundance. That much is set in stone, and completely beyond what any of us can change. All the rest of it is entirely up to us.

The God Question

Whenever people talk about ‘The God Question’, the discussion almost invariably tends to boil down to the simple question of whether or not God exists. On the one hand, people of a religious inclination will confidently assert that God does indeed exist, and created all Life a very long time ago, and on the other side of the debate, the atheists and so-called sceptics tend to insist, perhaps even more vehemently, that God does not exist. They reckon that such an idea is preposterous, and that everything was created for unknown reasons many billions of years ago by an inexplicable ‘big bang’, or some other equally mysterious cosmic event.

These two seemingly opposed philosophical camps have been battling this issue probably since ‘the dawn of speculation’, but as far as I can tell, no reasonable or convincing conclusion has yet been reached, or at least none that seem acceptable to both sides of the debate.

I would suggest that as long as this kind of slinging match continues along its well-worn trajectory, no mutually acceptable answer to this question will ever be found. This may be because both sides are arguing from a position of entrenched belief, and from the same general level of understanding, which makes them remarkably similar to each other. Both will confidently claim that something did indeed happen a terribly long time ago, and on that point they are actually in agreement, and they both also present their particular explanation as to what triggered this ‘creation event’. In other words, atheists and religious people in general offer a hypothesis, yet neither position seems convincing to the other, hence the perpetual discord between the two.

Maybe the time has come to consider an alternative approach to this philosophical and existential conundrum? First of all, it might be a good idea to discard the word ‘God’ altogether. Since time immemorial this word has been used in the sense of a supreme and omnipotent being, who, for whatever reason, at some point in a distant past decided to create what we think of as ‘Life, the universe and everything’. Religious people say, “Yes, that’s right!”, whereas the atheist crowd will forcefully retaliate, “No, that’s all a load of nonsense”. In this way, neither will ever win the argument. In other words, the word ‘God’, in its commonly accepted meaning, and the resulting division into two incompatible camps of useless quarrelling, serve as obstacles to a true understanding of Life and the mysterious ways in which it moves.

We can all agree that Life does indeed exist, and I can’t imagine that anyone would even try to dispute that fact. But what is Life? Do we know? I would like to suggest that Life is an ongoing process of conscious creative intelligence; a living, dynamic, ever unfolding mystery of such proportions and multifaceted complexity that it is currently not within the capacity of the human mind to fully understand the infinite totality of its true nature and significance. Furthermore, I can see no good reason to assert or accept that creation happened a really long time ago, and that’s primarily due to a lack of actual evidence.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to view the act of creation as an ever ongoing process, which cannot be pinpointed to any specific point in ‘time’? All our notions of time is part of the process of creation, which is always only happening in this here eternal now. What we think of as Life is obviously always taking place in this moment, the only moment there ever is. Have you ever noticed that the time is always ‘Now’? It has to be, because Life itself is only ever always ‘Now’.

You might ask: “Well, maybe so, but what does this have to do with the question of God’s putative existence?” That’s certainly a fair question, and the answer is quite simply that there is only ever Life, and it is only ever happening now. In other words, it wouldn’t make any sense to postulate a ‘God’ separate from the process of Life itself, because that would literally put God in an external position to Life, which would be meaningless. Life is all that is and all that ever can be, yet we would be well advised to keep in mind that we, as limited expressions of Life itself, do not know, and may never know, the totality of Life, of all that is.

Another important facet of this is the obvious fact that no experience outside of consciousness is possible, leading to the conclusion that consciousness is all-inclusive, and the essence of all that is and ever can be. It is the divine principle by which Life observes itself, or to put it into somewhat more poetic terms; Consciousness is the all-seeing eye with which God sees itself.

In light of the above, the question of whether or not God exists is a moot point, and although a discussion of whether or not there is ‘a God’ may seem interesting, at least for a few minutes, it is ultimately meaningless. It’s like arguing about whether there is conscious experience or not, and last time I checked there were indeed some examples to be found of materialistically minded intellectuals who would happily declare that consciousness itself is an illusion. So this kind of debate is one that can never reach any satisfactory solution, quite simply because it’s purely a theoretical kind of argument.

It’s a kind of discussion that depends on some kind of definition of ‘God’ maybe as some kind of a supreme being, an almighty something or other, or some kind of chap ‘up there’ somewhere, in a more or less remote location. Well, God only knows, but it is certainly possible to imagine all sorts of scenarios here, such as God being that jovial bearded bloke at your local pub, wearing a flat cap and worn woollen sweater, who enjoys his pint of lager every evening, giving you a thumbs up and a broad friendly smile every time he sees you…but does that make sense? Who knows, maybe to some it does.

Silly jokes aside, it seems obvious that in the deepest and most authentic sense, God is completely beyond any kind of definition, description, categorisation or classification. If we are to use this word at all, it can only be meaningful in the sense of the totality of all Life, in all its aspects, dimensions, levels and expressions. Life is all one, an indivisible unity, and the word God could perhaps at a push be used as shorthand for this great mystery of Life, but other than that, I would suggest that it’s by now pretty much a redundant word, well past its use by date.

Life’s ways are indeed inscrutable and beyond what we can ever fully comprehend, but we can certainly know that Life is all there ever is, and that it is a conscious, creative, intelligent process that is always happening only now. In other words, creation didn’t happen an inconceivably long time ago; it is a constantly unfolding dynamic process that is forever renewing itself, and always presenting itself through ever new forms, none of which are ever repeated.

Only conscious creative intelligence of an order and magnitude that’s beyond anything we can imagine could ever be capable of expressing itself as this miraculous wonder that we call Life. We are all unique expressions of this magnificent process, and as such, we are all the externalised forms of the heartbeat of Life itself. We are the divine made manifest on Earth, yet it is completely up to each and every one of us what we do with this most remarkable gift. We are all co-creators in the great cosmic drama of all Life and existence, and while we may seem to be separate individuals, we are at heart one with all Life. Our very being is consciousness itself, that very same consciousness that is reading and understanding these words; that very same consciousness which is eternally present, and without which no existence, experience or reality is ever possible. Consciousness is not a certain something ‘within’ us. Consciousness is all there is and ever can be. We are unique appearances ‘within’ consciousness, playing our different parts in this great and wondrous drama of Life, yet simultaneously being universal consciousness, which forever holds all possible forms in its embrace. Consciousness is beyond all forms, yet one with and transcending all possible worlds, forms and appearances. We are that, or as so simply and beautifully expressed more than 2500 years ago in the Chāndogya Upanishad: “Tat Twam Asi” – You Are That!

The Problem of Evil

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the so-called problem of evil, which essentially revolves around the question of how a benevolent and loving God could have created a world which is so full of what we often think of as evil. How is this possible? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the good God in Heaven had created a world without evil? It seems like a reasonable question to ask!

What we usually refer to when we use the word evil is nothing but a result of ignorance of our true nature and the basic laws of life. It is an undeniable fact that the world is presently full of people who are doing harm to others, and in many cases it’s fully intentional, sometimes even doing harm just for the sake of it, as if it gives some kind of morbid satisfaction. This can happen only when people are totally ignorant of who they are, and have lost all sense of the sacred nature of life.

Our entire civilisation is built on a couple of very specific assumptions, which are hardly ever questioned by anyone. Virtually everybody believes that they are separate entities living in a world of matter that exists independently of consciousness. This gives rise to selfishness, because the split between the ‘me’ and the ‘you’ or the world, introduces a subtle division, a duality that by its very nature brings with it some degree of conflict.

However, it is very important to understand that the ‘ego’ is really only a temporary fluctuation of thoughts, memories, feelings, conditioning and habits, and has no real existence apart from being a makeshift and functional entity that may be useful for practical purposes. In other words, the ‘ego’ isn’t real. It’s not something that actually exists, so therefore it can neither be conquered nor eliminated. Because the ego itself isn’t ultimately real, it is not the source of “the problem of evil”.

It is the belief in a separate ‘me’ that is the driving force for all conflict and whatever it is that we call evil. This is the true root of the many problems we are constantly creating or facing, both in our own personal lives, and also on a much larger scale. The belief in being a separate ‘me’ entity tends to give rise to many forms of selfish, egotistical and unscrupulous behaviour, including what we call evil. It is this central idea of existing as a distinct ‘somebody’ that is the real issue, and the idea of being separate is what gives rise to selfish and destructive words and behaviour.

It all flows from the ignorance of our true nature as unlimited, universal, ordinary consciousness, which is what we all are in essence. Once you see, know and embody the truth that you are the impersonal and universal consciousness that is aware of these words and their meaning, selfishness and evil will start to dissipate and drain away of their own accord. However, to truly understand this, it’s necessary to grasp the fact that there isn’t a separate entity within that is conscious or aware. Only consciousness is conscious, and that is the true self.

Love, peace, joy and harmony are qualities that are natural expressions of life itself. And what is life? It is conscious creative intelligence of such an order and magnitude that we are currently unable to fully comprehend it; it is the Great Spirit that is all. We could therefore say that in essence we are all unconditional love, which is the only love there ever is, and where there is love, there can be no fear, conflict and evil. It’s like darkness and light. What is darkness but an absence of light? Turn on the light and darkness is no more. Let the love that you are flow freely, and evil cannot exist. Nor can other manifestations of it, such as fear, desire for power and control, jealousy, the need for revenge, or any of the many other depravities that are likely to cause harm to oneself and others. It’s essentially all a result of ignorance and a lack of spiritual maturity.

Humanity is presently involved in an epic and unprecedented battle for survival, and the process that we are part of during these extraordinary and world-historic times is more than anything else nothing short of a spiritual transformation. It only remains to be seen what price we are going to have to pay for giving birth to the new human inhabiting the new Earth, and what we are going to have to sacrifice on this journey. The natural expression of humanity will certainly survive, and the insane drive towards technocracy, transhumanism, synthetic life-forms and virtual reality will sooner or later fail, quite simply because it goes against life itself, and is a direct attack on everything that is good, true, beautiful and sacred.

The new human will not know evil, and will have no desire to keep alive the memory of the ‘old world’ that is now in the process of passing away. It is true that spiritual transformation is very often a painful process, but this temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for a new world of peace, harmony, creativity and love. What we are in essence is the love that extends out to include everybody; it’s an all-accepting and non-judgmental openness sharing itself freely with all. It is something completely natural and effortless. This love extends to infinity, and includes everything and everybody, and it is the key to changing the world. Just see through the illusion of being separate, the illusion of ego, and realise that there is nobody there as a centre. There is only consciousness itself, which is not personal, but universal. It’s not a thing. It is that which is beyond form yet contains all forms within it. That is what we call the spiritual; the eternal Great Spirit. That’s what we are.

We were talking about “the problem of evil”. Evil is the darkness that is the absence of love. The idea of being a separate ‘me’ creates division, conflict and suffering. When you know yourself to be the consciousness that is all, it’s like turning on the light, and entering into the flow of unconditional love. Sometimes it can happen that you meet somebody who triggers this transformational awakening, or it just happens when you least expect it. It is a mystery. You can’t plan for it. You can’t make it happen, but it may help to be passionate about truth, and have a strong drive towards knowing who you are and what life is. It’s also a natural part of this process to keep manifesting loving kindness in the world. It is that pure love that will change the world. If we make that love a reality, if we live and embody it, then we will also have reached the spiritual maturity required to truly ‘be the change that we want to see in the world’……and once the power of love is greater than the love of power, we shall finally be the living manifestation of Peace on Earth.

The Only Revolution

We are here on Earth at this time because we all have our part to play in the great drama presently unfolding. We are essentially directly involved in a challenging and often painful process of spiritual awakening, but this is a process that has become an urgent necessity for us to survive as a species. Our collective addiction to technology and power has lead us onto a very dangerous path where we risk ending up in a transhumanist dystopia, which would be the end of humanity as we know it. Therefore our collective responsibility is to create a new world inhabited by a new human being, who will effortlessly manifest a world of love, peace and harmony. At that point in our long and colourful evolution, life itself may well be our true religion, nature our church and loving kindness our only spiritual practice. This is the greatest revolution of all, and the only one that will ever make a real difference.

This revolution will lead to a unification of science and spirituality, in the sense that science will shed its materialistic philosophy and embrace a spiritual approach to its view of nature and the world. It will also lead to religious belief and dogma becoming obsolete, which means that humanity will mature spiritually, thus embracing a scientific approach to life and spiritual inquiry instead of the majority of us clinging to outdated and limiting beliefs and practices.

A fundamental change in the human psyche is essential for humanity to survive, but because this inner revolution is of a spiritual nature, it is very important to clarify what is meant by the word spirituality. A spiritual way of life must necessarily include the qualities of compassion and unconditional love, mindfulness and presence, and a high degree of authentic self-knowledge. It can be argued that self-knowledge is the most important of these, because unconditional love and being present in the eternity of now are the spontaneous and natural flavours of true self-knowledge. The realisation of your true nature also means that you know that form and formless are one, and that everything that seems to exist on the level of form is merely an expression of that which is beyond and independent of all forms.

To be here at this auspicious time in the history of humanity is certainly a great gift and privilege, but it also carries with it a very serious responsibility. We are now fundamentally challenged to be the channels through which humanity finally comes of age, reaches psychological maturity and manifests its full spiritual potential.

It may be that many were called, but we are the ones who have chosen to fulfil humanity’s great potential and embody the new human populating a new Earth. This might seem like a daunting prospect and a nearly impossible task, so we need to realise that we do have what it takes to rise to this challenge. As long as we do so without fear, but with love and compassion, we may indeed live to see the dawn of a new world; a world in which peace is the natural order of life, and unconditional love is the guiding light for all our relationships and how we live in the world.

Everybody has their unique part to play in the great drama currently unfolding on this planet, and if we can see beyond the simplistic good versus bad story we have been conditioned to believe in, we will start to understand that what’s happening now is in all its aspects necessary for the successful spiritual transformation of humanity and the creation of a new Earth. In other words, even the so-called bad people, whoever we may think that they are, play a necessary role, and trying to get rid of them will not only not make any difference, it will make the transition even more difficult.

The constant, seemingly inevitable, push towards globalisation, total surveillance, artificial intelligence and transhumanism is of course not in the best interest of the vast majority of humanity, and should be resisted with all our might. However, the silver lining to this process is that it is actually leading to more and more people waking up from their spiritual slumber, quite simply because we’re now faced with a full-scale attack on all of humanity from a force that essentially might not even be human at all.

Humanity has now come to its most critical point in its long evolution, and this time it’s different, because now we are faced with the choice of a deep rooted spiritual revolution, or to become extinct, which is incidentally what the transhumanist agenda is all about; the transformation of the natural human form into a synthetic, centrally controlled cybernetic ‘human’, totally devoid of the capacity for empathy, compassion and critical, independent thinking.

The passion for freedom will help us see the truth and thus set us free. This passion is being awoken through the adversities that we are now facing, so seen from a higher perspective, it is actually quite a good thing that we are going through this very trying time right now. It has the potential to bring out the very best in us, and it might well be the case that it is only when faced with a global challenge of this extreme nature, and the suffering that it inevitably brings, that we will mobilise all our forces, and find a way to let the very best in us flower into its full potential.

The dream of freedom is alive within us all, and we are now reaching towards it in a new way precisely because of the hardship that humanity is passing through. We will eventually make this dream a lived embodied reality on the day-to-day level, but something as big as this does come at a cost. Even if it seems that we may be paying a very high price for our freedom, it will seem as nothing once the new human is born, inhabiting the new Earth. That will be the point at which we enter a new era of creativity and innovation, far beyond anything we can presently imagine. We may then live to see the day when we will no longer be fighting to conquer nature, but live in effortless harmony with all life.

Peace on Earth will be a reality only when the power of love is greater than the love of power. Love is intrinsic to our nature and thus we all have the ability to love unconditionally, and create a world of harmony and peace. To manifest and share unconditional love is the greatest gift we can ever give to anyone. Love is also the only thing that can truly make a difference in the world, the only thing that can change this mad, tragic, dysfunctional and self-obsessed world for the better. Love depends on nothing else and is owned by nobody. It cannot be quantified or made into a commodity, and it’s the only thing in the world that is ultimately real, but then it’s not a thing and it’s not of this world. It is the transcendent reality of what we are.

As long as we remember to be kind and loving to all living beings, live lightly and consciously, we will inevitably make a positive difference to the world and help to create a new Earth. Be a light unto yourself, and never look for or desire rewards, recognition or praise, because ultimately they are all worthless. Love is its own reward. Sharing your love with the world and everybody you meet is the only true benediction, and the greatest gift you could ever give to anyone.

Spiritual transformation is not an abstract idea or a fancy notion dreamt up by some philosopher or guru somewhere. It is quite simply the transmutation of fear into love, greed into generosity, competition into cooperation, conflict into harmony, war into peace and separation into oneness. This process of spiritual transformation and awakening can only happen through the individual, and can never be brought about by political manoeuvring and legislation.

The world is our joint creation and will change for the better only when each and every one of us goes through a fundamental inner change. This is the only revolution that will ever make any real and lasting difference, and it can come about only through the spiritual awakening that happens when we as individuals realise the truth of our being, and realise that we are all one in consciousness. Only then can unconditional love effortlessly flower, and only then will the world finally know peace. We will be able to reach our full potential only when our flowering into awareness has become a living, manifest reality.

The Greatest Show on Earth

In the Bible, there is a story about how the people of Babylon wanted to build a tower that would stretch all the way up to Heaven. This is of course the story about the tower of Babel, and it provides a sobering reminder of what happens when human selfishness, ignorance and vanity take charge. I doubt very much that this story is based on historical fact, but that’s beside the point. What’s important is to recognise that the forces presently dominating the power structures on Earth are trying in their own way to build another tower of Babel. What they are trying to do may not be building a literal tower stretching towards the sky, but that wasn’t the point of the story about the tower of Babel either. And as we know, God was not right pleased when our Babylonian ancestors tried to reach Heaven with their tower, so He made sure it all came tumbling down, and punished the people by making them all speak in different tongues, so that they couldn’t understand each other anymore.

So what is the current iteration of the tower of Babel? It is partly our obsession with technology, virtual reality and suchlike, but even more so it is the ruling elite’s fanatical obsession with artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and the brave new world of “the internet of everything”, where everybody is just another node on the centrally controlled network. It’s as if the natural world just isn’t good enough for them, so in their boundless ignorance and stupidity they are trying to create something they think is going to be better, at least from their point of view. This development is constantly moving further and faster, and could at least potentially eventually replace the natural expression of humanity with a synthetic one. However, this process is doomed to fail, just like the good old tower of Babel eventually had to fall down. It is a process that is built on a total lack of understanding of life, and it is exclusively driven by utterly selfish and destructive motives. It is a process that seeks power and control above anything else, and has been ongoing at least since historical records began, if not even longer.

This has slowly, but surely, lead to a world that seems to be rapidly descending into ever deeper levels of insanity. Who would have thought that it would ever come to this? A significant portion of humanity is worshipping this modern version of the dance around the golden calf, presumably thinking that it will bring happiness, fulfilment and prosperity for all. What it is actually doing is exactly the opposite, but many of us are so blinded by the high-tech trickery and cleverness that we have lost touch with the most basic core of ourselves. The transformation of humanity into cyborgs or worse can only lead to the end of humanity as we know it if left unchecked.

So here we are, in a civilisation that is falling apart, with political leadership all over the world seemingly hell-bent on helping this disintegration happen as quickly as possible. As individuals, we can of course be an antidote to this madness quite simply by not cooperating and practicing peaceful non-compliance. We can be like shining beacons of sanity, disconnect from the madness to the extent that is practically possible, and try to find ways of connecting with each other to create a new world that’s built on life’s true values; honesty, integrity, creativity, joy, freedom and love.

We have now reached a point where there is no turning back. It’s not as if we can somehow turn the clock back and return to what we used to think of as normal life, the way we used to know it. Far too many of us have already bought into the lie that will eventually bring our civilisation down, so it looks like we’re going to have to go through “the great purge” whether we like it or not. Nobody knows what this is going to look like, and how it is going to play out, yet even so, we can and should face what is coming with fearless strength and poised equanimity. Humanity will survive, that much is certain, but as individual expressions of humanity, we have no guarantee that we will survive the calamity that is bearing down upon the world.

So what can we do? We must do our best to stand up for truth, integrity and freedom, and be the change that we want to see in the world. And who knows, we may then live to see the dawn of a new world and the long-awaited rebirth of humanity. That’s what’s coming, but it would appear that humanity has made the choice to go through this process the hard way, and for all we know, that may prove to be the best-case scenario after all. Who are we to judge what is ultimately right or wrong in that respect?

In the play “As You Like It”, by William Shakespeare, one of the characters says: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…” The great cosmic drama that we know as life on Earth has reached a pivotal moment in its ceaseless unfolding, and we are indeed all like actors playing our parts in this real life production. But we are actors with a crucial difference; we are also co-creators of the drama, and every single one of us plays his or her important part. Seen from this somewhat expanded perspective, there is no right or wrong about any of this. Even those of us who seem to be following a path of selfishness, greed, death and destruction, are playing their part in this multi-dimensional performance. It is a drama that is being created as it is being played out, so we’re engaged in a spontaneous act of collective improvisation, the nature of which is far beyond anything that can currently be expressed in words.

There is a higher purpose to all this and it’s not for us to see the totality of it all, or even understand what it all means, at least not at this time. Part of our challenge is to respond with intelligence, integrity, sensitivity and compassion to whatever we might have to go through. Life’s ways are indeed inscrutable, and it is a great gift and privilege to be part of such a grand and meaningful transformation. Just bear in mind that there is no saviour about to descend from high heavens to help us, no messiah, oracle or guru come to save us. In spite of that, we have all the reason to rejoice and go forth with the greatest fortitude and trust, safe in the knowledge that the true saviour is immanent in each and every one of us. Yes, these are strange times indeed, and there are no blueprints or easy-to-follow instructions available for us. We are the ones whose challenge it is to create, embody and give expression to the new human. The future of humanity is in our hands, and we have all been called upon to help give birth to the new human and a new Earth. It is the greatest challenge and the greatest blessing that life could ever bestow upon us during these remarkable and world-historic times, and sooner or later our sincere and compassionate efforts will be crowned with victory.

The New Human

I recently came across the picture above, and thought it was a lovely way of describing the new human being who is in the process of being born. The simplicity of the message pictured above can’t really be improved upon or misunderstood, because it lays out the basics in such a straightforward and direct way. The way I see it, this is the kind of human we all need to embody and give expression to, and if we can’t, I don’t think we will be able to stay here for very much longer. So what does the message on this girl’s t-shirt really tell us?

First of all, we were all quite simply born on planet Earth, and you really can’t put it more simply and truthfully than that. After all, what difference does it make which country we were born in, and what “nationality” we think we are? At the end of the day, we are all living, breathing men, women and children, born of and nurtured by this beautiful planet, and any identification with any one artificially created “country”, with its imaginary borders, is nothing more than a limitation we have accepted mainly due to indoctrination, conditioning and habit. In a grander and more holistic sense, we are of course only visitors to planet Earth, and our true nature and eternal being can never be defined or limited by any one place, even something as big as a planetary body. However, because we are born of the Earth, we have thus also accepted responsibility of being co-creators of this world, as well as being stewards and protectors of all life and the planet itself.

The arbitrary division of planet Earth into hundreds of countries is becoming increasingly obsolete, and to the new human inhabiting the new Earth such arbitrary limitations will be all but meaningless. The Earth is one, and we have the potential to be its most magnificent and beautiful expression so far. We were all born free and with the universally recognised right to live our lives in absolute freedom. This God-given, inalienable freedom can very easily be defined like this: Do what you like and live in whatever way you want, as long as you cause no harm, loss or injury to anyone else, and as long as you ensure that you are honourable in your contractual dealings. These are the basic tenets of Natural Law, which is known as Common Law in the UK. It is actually the only law anyone ever needs, but in the absurdly complex and utterly insane world we are currently living in, most people haven’t grasped this simple principle, or may not even have heard of it. The way things are now, we are constantly being buried under increasingly bizarre and life-denying legislature, but these kind of laws are statute laws, and in a sane world, they will be rendered obsolete.

We were all born on and live on planet Earth, as one people, all equally important and valuable expressions of universal consciousness. The artificial division into different races is an obstacle that we need to dispense with altogether. It has proved to be very fertile ground for conflict and for keeping us trapped in an illusion of identity based on the colour of one’s skin. What difference does it make what colour your skin is? None whatsoever, because all lives are of equal importance, and any kind of racism is by definition completely absurd. Your true identity, what you are in essence, has of course nothing to do with the colour of your skin, or any other outer characteristic for that matter. Your true nature is the eternal and unlimited, “ordinary” consciousness that is aware of these words and their meaning. It is totally beyond any kind of description or definition, and is independent of anything to do with skin colour, race, or personal and collective circumstances. Homo Novus, the new human, will have transcended such restrictive boundaries, and will effortlessly live in love, creativity, freedom and harmony, deeply aware of the beauty and oneness of all life. Therefore, it should be plenty good enough just to acknowledge that we are all equally valid and precious members of the human race.

In a sane world, there will be no place for, or interest in, politicians and politics. Politics and “governments” will be obsolete, and with good reason. The entire world of politics is based on greed and fear, and by its very nature can lead to nothing but ever-increasing layers of division and conflict. Politics has always been centred around the struggle for power and control over others, and regardless of what noble and selfless motives anyone may have for entering the arena of politics, it’s a world that will sooner or later corrupt anyone who ascends high enough in the hierarchy of centralised power. It is important to realise and understand that no government has any real power over any of us, other than the power we voluntarily give them.

It is very important to understand that even though nation states are in the process of becoming obsolete, that does not mean that we should have a one-world government. It may seem as if we are currently moving in that direction, but it is something that we must resist at all costs, because any kind of centralisation of power will only create more misery and injustice for people.

A world governed by peace, love, freedom and harmony is possible only in a world that is completely decentralised, and where everybody has full freedom to live as he or she wants, in line with the principles of Natural Law, and has an equally important and valid voice when it comes to collective decisions. We are currently witnessing a steadily increasing development towards a centralised world, the most extreme expression of which would be a world of total surveillance, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and the end of humanity as we know it. The current “health crisis”, obviously a long time in the planning, is the perfect excuse to move forward towards such an unpleasant scenario. The “bio-security state” relies completely on highly sophisticated technology to exist at all, and that’s the reason we are to an alarming and steadily increasing degree being made prisoners in a digital gulag; an invisible technological prison which we may never be able to escape from once it’s fully erected.

We need to stop complying with all this madness, refuse to co-operate, and engage in massive civil disobedience. As far as I can see, that is the only way to stop our transformation into centrally controlled cyborgs. Our non-compliance needs to be totally peaceful and loving, but we do need to say a firm and honest “NO” to all the ridiculous and extremely damaging rules and regulations that are constantly being pushed upon us. The fact is that all the “solutions” that have been offered us since the start of 2020 have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting our health.

We also need to distance ourselves from the high-tech world of artificial intelligence, “smart” devices and the entire trans-humanist agenda, and find a new way of living, which needs to be a way of life in close communion with nature, grounded in freedom and love for all life and planet Earth. Just by virtue of being here during these world historic times, we have accepted the noble challenge of giving birth to a new Earth, inhabited by the new human. And yes, we are definitely up to the task, in spite of the challenges we are facing. We do need to personally connect with each other in real life, and work together in our efforts to create a world of freedom, love and harmony. Unless we don’t, we run the risk of walking straight into our own enslavement, living in a horrible nightmare of trans-humanism and global fascism, with no hope of ever escaping from it.

A sane world can only be built on the rock solid foundation of love, freedom, peace and true justice for all. It is a world in which fear has been transformed into love, slavery into freedom, war into peace, conflict into harmony and competition into cooperation. This may seem like an impossible and naïve kind of dream, a kind of utopia that is completely out of reach for the vast majority of us, but we do in fact have the potential to create just such a world. It is a world where people no longer need traditional religions and a belief in a remote God somewhere up there in Heaven knows where. All of that is obsolete in a sane world, because it’s nothing but a substitute for unconditional love for all life, which is the only true religion there ever is. The simple recognition and embodiment of universal consciousness as our true nature, and the direct experience of the oneness of all life, will help bring about the new human inhabiting the New Earth. Genuine, unpretentious self-knowledge is the ultimate source of abundant compassion, just as unconditional love in all our relationships is the hallmark of authentic spiritual transformation.


2020 has been a year of global upheaval, change and challenges on a scale and of a nature that we could hardly have anticipated beforehand. The great virus scare that emerged at the beginning of the year shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, and has obviously created very fertile ground for an accelerated manifestation of a world in which every single aspect of our lives are manipulated and controlled down to the smallest detail. We are now forced by extraordinary circumstances to respond to impositions and restrictions that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. During this year, the majority of humanity have had to adjust to what we have been told is “the new normal”, which for most of us has been a very disconcerting and deeply troubling experience.

More and more people are now starting to question if all the measures put in place are appropriate or necessary, and whether the real agenda behind all this is not so much fighting a virus that is obviously not much of a threat to the vast majority of us, but more to do with an insatiable desire for control, power and the creation of a brave new world along such lines. Behind all the rhetoric of “saving lives” and “fighting the pandemic”, many of us can sense the dark presence of something much more sinister and disagreeable. It is currently somewhat difficult to decide the exact nature of this dark presence in our midst, but suffice it to say that it knows nothing of love, compassion, empathy and freedom.

Lockdowns, severe limitations of civil liberties, house arrest and quarantine for perfectly healthy people, impositions of social distancing and wearing of masks, have all become part of “the new normal”, and by now nobody should be surprised if they, and other perhaps even more draconian measures, might prove to be here for a rather long time to come. Add to all this the ever more ruthless censorship and deletion of free speech, especially on the internet, and it does rather look like we are starting to stare a kind of global fascism in the eye, and a kind of world that to most of us looks more and more like Orwell’s dystopian vision of 1984.

If we look back at humanity’s journey over at least the last few centuries, if not even longer, it should be clear to everybody that the kind of world that we have created is one that is severely dysfunctional, overflowing with conflicts and problems of all kinds and a far cry from an ideal world of peace and harmony. It could be argued that the urgency of substantial and far-reaching change has become more and more pressing, and that we have now reached a point in our civilisation’s development where change is quite simply forced upon us. In other words, we no longer have the option of just carrying on as normal and hope for the best, because what has taken place during this last year is now forcing change upon us, whether we like it or not.

However, the question is: What kind of change do we really want? In my view, going back to “the old normal”, to the world that we used to know before all this kicked off, is quite simply no longer possible. In fact, we are faced with two possibilities; one is to go along with whatever we are told, and believe anything the government, authorities and a string of so-called experts are telling us. This will eventually lead us into a world of technocracy, artificial intelligence and trans-humanism. The forces that are working to guide us in this direction are very powerful, and have bought and are controlling most of the world’s politicians, the mainstream media and a large number of NGOs. The kind of world our would-be controllers want to create through their “great reset” is one of slavery and total control of everybody on the planet, down to the smallest detail. It means nothing less than the end of humanity as we know it.

The other possibility, which is still open to us, is quite simply to refuse to go along with this relentless push into tyranny, and instead create a world built on the foundations of freedom, love, harmony, co-operation and peace. This is a world that would have to be completely decentralised and where every single one of us is in complete charge of our own lives and destiny. It would be a world run by the principles of Natural Law, which effectively means that as long as you cause no harm, injury or loss to anyone, and conduct all your affairs and transaction with integrity, honesty and transparency, you may do whatever you like.

We have now reached a point where we are up against the greatest danger and the greatest challenge that we as a species have ever had to face. In short, we are now on the threshold of a monumental and far-reaching change that will decide not only our destiny, but also whether humanity has a future outside of the technocratic prison of total surveillance and centralised control. Nobody should fool themselves into thinking that what we are facing is going to be straightforward or easy. The birth of a New Earth and a New Humanity is an event of truly cosmic proportions and significance, and the only thing we can say with certainty is that it is not going to be an easy ride.

We now have a chance to transform ourselves and our world in ways that most of us might never even have imagined possible. It is up to all of us to face this challenge with all the courage we can muster, and thus take responsibility for creating a new world built on the rock solid foundation of love, true justice, harmony, freedom and peace. We have a golden opportunity to fulfil humanity’s true potential. This is our moment, and in order to succeed we must not only become fully aware of the danger we are facing, but also let go of all fear, and be willing to undergo the many challenges of deep and lasting personal and planetary transformation.

This may seem like a tall order for many of us, but we should never underestimate the tremendous power, resources and potential that are always available, waiting for us to tap into and claim as our birth right. We all have what it takes to transform ourselves and thus transform the world. All that’s required is for us to stand up for what we know to be true, let our love and understanding flow freely, connect with each other and be the change that we want to see in the world. This is not just a possibility, but also our ultimate destiny. Peace on Earth will be a living reality in the ultimate flowering of our full potential.