The Greatest Show on Earth

In the Bible, there is a story about how the people of Babylon wanted to build a tower that would stretch all the way up to Heaven. This is of course the story about the tower of Babel, and it provides a sobering reminder of what happens when human selfishness, ignorance and vanity take charge. I doubt very much that this story is based on historical fact, but that’s beside the point. What’s important is to recognise that the forces presently dominating the power structures on Earth are trying in their own way to build another tower of Babel. What they are trying to do may not be building a literal tower stretching towards the sky, but that wasn’t the point of the story about the tower of Babel either. And as we know, God was not right pleased when our Babylonian ancestors tried to reach Heaven with their tower, so He made sure it all came tumbling down, and punished the people by making them all speak in different tongues, so that they couldn’t understand each other anymore.

So what is the current iteration of the tower of Babel? It is partly our obsession with technology, virtual reality and suchlike, but even more so it is the ruling elite’s fanatical obsession with artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and the brave new world of “the internet of everything”, where everybody is just another node on the centrally controlled network. It’s as if the natural world just isn’t good enough for us, so in our boundless ignorance and stupidity we’re trying to create something we think is going to be better. This development is constantly moving further and faster, and could at least potentially eventually replace the natural expression of humanity with a synthetic one. However, this process is doomed to fail, just like the good old tower of Babel eventually had to fall down. It is a process that is built on a total lack of understanding of life, and it is exclusively driven by utterly selfish and destructive motives. It is a process that seeks power and control above anything else, and has been ongoing at least since historical records began, if not even longer.

This has slowly, but surely, lead to a world that seems to be rapidly descending into ever deeper levels of insanity. Who would have thought that it would ever come to this? A significant portion of humanity is worshipping this modern version of the dance around the golden calf, presumably thinking that it will bring happiness, fulfilment and prosperity for all. What it is actually doing is exactly the opposite, but many of us are so blinded by the high-tech trickery and cleverness that we have lost touch with the most basic core of ourselves. The transformation of humanity into cyborgs or worse can only lead to the end of humanity as we know it if left unchecked.

So here we are, in a civilisation that is falling apart, with political leadership all over the world seemingly hell-bent on helping this disintegration happen as quickly as possible. As individuals, we can of course be an antidote to this madness quite simply by not cooperating and practicing peaceful non-compliance. We can be like shining beacons of sanity, disconnect from the madness to the extent that is practically possible, and try to find ways of connecting with each other to create a new world that’s built on life’s true values; honesty, integrity, creativity, joy, freedom and love.

We have now reached a point where there is no turning back. It’s not as if we can somehow turn the clock back and return to what we used to think of as normal life, the way we used to know it. Far too many of us have already bought into the lie that will eventually bring our civilisation down, so it looks like we’re going to have to go through “the great purge” whether we like it or not. Nobody knows what this is going to look like, and how it is going to play out, yet even so, we can and should face what is coming with fearless strength and poised equanimity. Humanity will survive, that much is certain, but as individual expressions of humanity, we have no guarantee that we will survive the calamity that is bearing down upon the world.

So what can we do? We must do our best to stand up for truth, integrity and freedom, and be the change that we want to see in the world. And who knows, we may then live to see the dawn of a new world and the long-awaited rebirth of humanity. That’s what’s coming, but it would appear that humanity has made the choice to go through this process the hard way, and for all we know, that may prove to be the best-case scenario after all. Who are we to judge what is ultimately right or wrong in that respect?

In the play “As You Like It”, by William Shakespeare, one of the characters says: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…” The great cosmic drama that we know as life on Earth has reached a pivotal moment in its ceaseless unfolding, and we are indeed all like actors playing our parts in this real life production. But we are actors with a crucial difference; we are also co-creators of the drama, and every single one of us plays his or her important part. Seen from this somewhat expanded perspective, there is no right or wrong about any of this. Even those of us who seem to be following a path of selfishness, greed, death and destruction, are playing their part in this multi-dimensional performance. It is a drama that is being created as it is being played out, so we’re engaged in a spontaneous act of collective improvisation, the nature of which is far beyond anything that can currently be expressed in words.

There is a higher purpose to all this and it’s not for us to see the totality of it all, or even understand what it all means, at least not at this time. Part of our challenge is to respond with intelligence, integrity, sensitivity and compassion to whatever we might have to go through. Life’s ways are indeed inscrutable, and it is a great gift and privilege to be part of such a grand and meaningful transformation. Just bear in mind that there is no saviour about to descend from high heavens to help us, no messiah, oracle or guru come to save us. In spite of that, we have all the reason to rejoice and go forth with the greatest fortitude and trust, safe in the knowledge that the true saviour is immanent in each and every one of us. Yes, these are strange times indeed, and there are no blueprints or easy-to-follow instructions available for us. We are the ones whose challenge it is to create, embody and give expression to the new human. The future of humanity is in our hands, and we have all been called upon to help give birth to the new human and a new Earth. It is the greatest challenge and the greatest blessing that life could ever bestow upon us during these remarkable and world-historic times, and sooner or later our sincere and compassionate efforts will be crowned with victory.

The New Human

I recently came across the picture above, and thought it was a lovely way of describing the new human being who is in the process of being born. The simplicity of the message pictured above can’t really be improved upon or misunderstood, because it lays out the basics in such a straightforward and direct way. The way I see it, this is the kind of human we all need to embody and give expression to, and if we can’t, I don’t think we will be able to stay here for very much longer. So what does the message on this girl’s t-shirt really tell us?

First of all, we were all quite simply born on planet Earth, and you really can’t put it more simply and truthfully than that. After all, what difference does it make which country we were born in, and what “nationality” we think we are? At the end of the day, we are all living, breathing men, women and children, born of and nurtured by this beautiful planet, and any identification with any one artificially created “country”, with its imaginary borders, is nothing more than a limitation we have accepted mainly due to indoctrination, conditioning and habit. In a grander and more holistic sense, we are of course only visitors to planet Earth, and our true nature and eternal being can never be defined or limited by any one place, even something as big as a planetary body. However, because we are born of the Earth, we have thus also accepted responsibility of being co-creators of this world, as well as being stewards and protectors of all life and the planet itself.

The arbitrary division of planet Earth into hundreds of countries is becoming increasingly obsolete, and to the new human inhabiting the new Earth such arbitrary limitations will be all but meaningless. The Earth is one, and we have the potential to be its most magnificent and beautiful expression so far. We were all born free and with the universally recognised right to live our lives in absolute freedom. This God-given, inalienable freedom can very easily be defined like this: Do what you like and live in whatever way you want, as long as you cause no harm, loss or injury to anyone else, and as long as you ensure that you are honourable in your contractual dealings. These are the basic tenets of Natural Law, which is known as Common Law in the UK. It is actually the only law anyone ever needs, but in the absurdly complex and utterly insane world we are currently living in, most people haven’t grasped this simple principle, or may not even have heard of it. The way things are now, we are constantly being buried under increasingly bizarre and life-denying legislature, but these kind of laws are statute laws, and in a sane world, they will be rendered obsolete.

We were all born on and live on planet Earth, as one people, all equally important and valuable expressions of universal consciousness. The artificial division into different races is an obstacle that we need to dispense with altogether. It has proved to be very fertile ground for conflict and for keeping us trapped in an illusion of identity based on the colour of one’s skin. What difference does it make what colour your skin is? None whatsoever, because all lives are of equal importance, and any kind of racism is by definition completely absurd. Your true identity, what you are in essence, has of course nothing to do with the colour of your skin, or any other outer characteristic for that matter. Your true nature is the eternal and unlimited, “ordinary” consciousness that is aware of these words and their meaning. It is totally beyond any kind of description or definition, and is independent of anything to do with skin colour, race, or personal and collective circumstances. Homo Novus, the new human, will have transcended such restrictive boundaries, and will effortlessly live in love, creativity, freedom and harmony, deeply aware of the beauty and oneness of all life. Therefore, it should be plenty good enough just to acknowledge that we are all equally valid and precious members of the human race.

In a sane world, there will be no place for, or interest in, politicians and politics. Politics and “governments” will be obsolete, and with good reason. The entire world of politics is based on greed and fear, and by its very nature can lead to nothing but ever-increasing layers of division and conflict. Politics has always been centred around the struggle for power and control over others, and regardless of what noble and selfless motives anyone may have for entering the arena of politics, it’s a world that will sooner or later corrupt anyone who ascends high enough in the hierarchy of centralised power. It is important to realise and understand that no government has any real power over any of us, other than the power we voluntarily give them.

It is very important to understand that even though nation states are in the process of becoming obsolete, that does not mean that we should have a one-world government. It may seem as if we are currently moving in that direction, but it is something that we must resist at all costs, because any kind of centralisation of power will only create more misery and injustice for people.

A world governed by peace, love, freedom and harmony is possible only in a world that is completely decentralised, and where everybody has full freedom to live as he or she wants, in line with the principles of Natural Law, and has an equally important and valid voice when it comes to collective decisions. We are currently witnessing a steadily increasing development towards a centralised world, the most extreme expression of which would be a world of total surveillance, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and the end of humanity as we know it. The current “health crisis”, obviously a long time in the planning, is the perfect excuse to move forward towards such an unpleasant scenario. The “bio-security state” relies completely on highly sophisticated technology to exist at all, and that’s the reason we are to an alarming and steadily increasing degree being made prisoners in a digital gulag; an invisible technological prison which we may never be able to escape from once it’s fully erected.

We need to stop complying with all this madness, refuse to co-operate, and engage in massive civil disobedience. As far as I can see, that is the only way to stop our transformation into centrally controlled cyborgs. Our non-compliance needs to be totally peaceful and loving, but we do need to say a firm and honest “NO” to all the ridiculous and extremely damaging rules and regulations that are constantly being pushed upon us. The fact is that all the “solutions” that have been offered us since the start of 2020 have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting our health.

We also need to distance ourselves from the high-tech world of artificial intelligence, “smart” devices and the entire trans-humanist agenda, and find a new way of living, which needs to be a way of life in close communion with nature, grounded in freedom and love for all life and planet Earth. Just by virtue of being here during these world historic times, we have accepted the noble challenge of giving birth to a new Earth, inhabited by the new human. And yes, we are definitely up to the task, in spite of the challenges we are facing. We do need to personally connect with each other in real life, and work together in our efforts to create a world of freedom, love and harmony. Unless we don’t, we run the risk of walking straight into our own enslavement, living in a horrible nightmare of trans-humanism and global fascism, with no hope of ever escaping from it.

A sane world can only be built on the rock solid foundation of love, freedom, peace and true justice for all. It is a world in which fear has been transformed into love, slavery into freedom, war into peace, conflict into harmony and competition into cooperation. This may seem like an impossible and naïve kind of dream, a kind of utopia that is completely out of reach for the vast majority of us, but we do in fact have the potential to create just such a world. It is a world where people no longer need traditional religions and a belief in a remote God somewhere up there in Heaven knows where. All of that is obsolete in a sane world, because it’s nothing but a substitute for unconditional love for all life, which is the only true religion there ever is. The simple recognition and embodiment of universal consciousness as our true nature, and the direct experience of the oneness of all life, will help bring about the new human inhabiting the New Earth. Genuine, unpretentious self-knowledge is the ultimate source of abundant compassion, just as unconditional love in all our relationships is the hallmark of authentic spiritual transformation.


2020 has been a year of global upheaval, change and challenges on a scale and of a nature that we could hardly have anticipated beforehand. The great virus scare that emerged at the beginning of the year shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, and has obviously created very fertile ground for an accelerated manifestation of a world in which every single aspect of our lives are manipulated and controlled down to the smallest detail. We are now forced by extraordinary circumstances to respond to impositions and restrictions that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. During this year, the majority of humanity have had to adjust to what we have been told is “the new normal”, which for most of us has been a very disconcerting and deeply troubling experience.

More and more people are now starting to question if all the measures put in place are appropriate or necessary, and whether the real agenda behind all this is not so much fighting a virus that is obviously not much of a threat to the vast majority of us, but more to do with an insatiable desire for control, power and the creation of a brave new world along such lines. Behind all the rhetoric of “saving lives” and “fighting the pandemic”, many of us can sense the dark presence of something much more sinister and disagreeable. It is currently somewhat difficult to decide the exact nature of this dark presence in our midst, but suffice it to say that it knows nothing of love, compassion, empathy and freedom.

Lockdowns, severe limitations of civil liberties, house arrest and quarantine for perfectly healthy people, impositions of social distancing and wearing of masks, have all become part of “the new normal”, and by now nobody should be surprised if they, and other perhaps even more draconian measures, might prove to be here for a rather long time to come. Add to all this the ever more ruthless censorship and deletion of free speech, especially on the internet, and it does rather look like we are starting to stare a kind of global fascism in the eye, and a kind of world that to most of us looks more and more like Orwell’s dystopian vision of 1984.

If we look back at humanity’s journey over at least the last few centuries, if not even longer, it should be clear to everybody that the kind of world that we have created is one that is severely dysfunctional, overflowing with conflicts and problems of all kinds and a far cry from an ideal world of peace and harmony. It could be argued that the urgency of substantial and far-reaching change has become more and more pressing, and that we have now reached a point in our civilisation’s development where change is quite simply forced upon us. In other words, we no longer have the option of just carrying on as normal and hope for the best, because what has taken place during this last year is now forcing change upon us, whether we like it or not.

However, the question is: What kind of change do we really want? In my view, going back to “the old normal”, to the world that we used to know before all this kicked off, is quite simply no longer possible. In fact, we are faced with two possibilities; one is to go along with whatever we are told, and believe anything the government, authorities and a string of so-called experts are telling us. This will eventually lead us into a world of technocracy, artificial intelligence and trans-humanism. The forces that are working to guide us in this direction are very powerful, and have bought and are controlling most of the world’s politicians, the mainstream media and a large number of NGOs. The kind of world our would-be controllers want to create through their “great reset” is one of slavery and total control of everybody on the planet, down to the smallest detail. It means nothing less than the end of humanity as we know it.

The other possibility, which is still open to us, is quite simply to refuse to go along with this relentless push into tyranny, and instead create a world built on the foundations of freedom, love, harmony, co-operation and peace. This is a world that would have to be completely decentralised and where every single one of us is in complete charge of our own lives and destiny. It would be a world run by the principles of Natural Law, which effectively means that as long as you cause no harm, injury or loss to anyone, and conduct all your affairs and transaction with integrity, honesty and transparency, you may do whatever you like.

We have now reached a point where we are up against the greatest danger and the greatest challenge that we as a species have ever had to face. In short, we are now on the threshold of a monumental and far-reaching change that will decide not only our destiny, but also whether humanity has a future outside of the technocratic prison of total surveillance and centralised control. Nobody should fool themselves into thinking that what we are facing is going to be straightforward or easy. The birth of a New Earth and a New Humanity is an event of truly cosmic proportions and significance, and the only thing we can say with certainty is that it is not going to be an easy ride.

We now have a chance to transform ourselves and our world in ways that most of us might never even have imagined possible. It is up to all of us to face this challenge with all the courage we can muster, and thus take responsibility for creating a new world built on the rock solid foundation of love, true justice, harmony, freedom and peace. We have a golden opportunity to fulfil humanity’s true potential. This is our moment, and in order to succeed we must not only become fully aware of the danger we are facing, but also let go of all fear, and be willing to undergo the many challenges of deep and lasting personal and planetary transformation.

This may seem like a tall order for many of us, but we should never underestimate the tremendous power, resources and potential that are always available, waiting for us to tap into and claim as our birth right. We all have what it takes to transform ourselves and thus transform the world. All that’s required is for us to stand up for what we know to be true, let our love and understanding flow freely, connect with each other and be the change that we want to see in the world. This is not just a possibility, but also our ultimate destiny. Peace on Earth will be a living reality in the ultimate flowering of our full potential.

The Urgency of Spiritual Transformation

It has been said often enough lately that we are living in extraordinary times, and while it certainly is fairly obvious that we live in times of great upheaval and change, it should also be obvious that we have now reached a point at which a new kind of world needs to come into existence. It is no exaggeration to say that humanity is in big trouble, and our inability to live in peace, love and harmony is so endemic in all areas of life and society that we are now at risk of making ourselves redundant. There are wars, conflict, poverty, destruction of the environment, all sorts of physical hardships and psychological suffering and so on, seemingly without end.

As far as I can see, the present crisis, clearly the most serious and far-reaching humanity has ever faced, is not about a virus that so far has failed to live up its “pandemic” status, nor is it primarily a political, social, economic or cultural crisis. It is fundamentally a crisis of a psychological and spiritual nature, and we have now reached the stage in our evolution where the old mind, with its egotistical, self-centred way of life, is no longer sustainable. Whether we like it or not, and whether we are aware of it or not, the fact is that we are left with the choice between realising and manifesting humanity’s full potential or become extinct. All the upheaval on the outer level, whether it’s economic, social or political, is but a reflection of the inner turmoil of the human mind. We currently have all sorts of conflicts going on in the world, but that is only a result of our inner state of conflict. It might actually be more accurate to say that the outer is an extension of the inner, because this split into inner and outer truly is very arbitrary, and should perhaps primarily be used as a figure of speech and not as a description of actual reality. In any case, peace on Earth can only come about through each and every one of us creating or finding a state of lasting inner peace.

The new consciousness that is in the process of being born, and that we need to fully embody, can only come into being and manifest through each individual. If we are up to that challenge, we will finally be able to live in a way that is rooted in peace, wisdom, stillness, creativity and love. Nothing less will do now.

Most people might still be unaware of the awakening that is unfolding at this time, and might be too busy worrying about the state of the economy and the great virus scare, but we are all at least potentially ready for a quantum leap in consciousness, which would create a new Earth and a new world, and is the only thing that can save us from ourselves and our current destructive and negative way of life.

It would appear that we are presently engaged in some kind of monumental, epic battle between good and evil forces, darkness and light, love and fear, or however one might want to describe it. Yes, it is true that there are very dark and powerful forces at play in the world at this time, and they obviously reach right into the heart of politics, business, finance, health care, mainstream media and the corporate world. Some of the people embodying this kind of darkness and evil are well known public figures who might put on masks of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism, but it’s not that difficult to see through this phoney facade and see them for what they truly are. Others again work behind the scenes as it were, and are not known to the general public.

However, it is also equally true that very powerful beings of light, love and compassion have incarnated on Earth at this time. A select few of them will be known to at least some of us, but most of them will be totally unknown to the vast majority of people. Hardly any of these people seem to be in positions of great power in society at the present time, but that may not be of any importance anyway. Beings of true love and wisdom do not need influence on the outer level, and their work is equally successful regardless of what position they hold in society or how people in general perceive them.

Nothing is ever totally black and white, and there are of course a great many different energies and forces operating on this planet and beyond in these times. What is true though is that we are now faced with a very stark choice: We either evolve into a new harmonious expression of universal consciousness or we may soon become extinct. It’s that simple, and although this might seem like an extreme statement for some people, or maybe even like a rather scary prospect, there really is no question that this is the challenge we are facing.

It has been obvious for a very long time that because of the way we live and interact with each other and nature, humanity will face exceedingly difficult times at some point in the future, most probably in the form of a global crisis of unimaginable proportions. On the other hand, I have no doubt whatsoever that the power of love, peace and wisdom will eventually save the day. Unconditional love is the greatest power there is and will dispel the darkness of fear and greed just like the sun chases the night away and brings light in the morning. After all, what is darkness but an absence of light, and what is fear but an absence of love?

The transformation of human consciousness in no longer a luxury; it is an urgent need. We don’t have much time left to make this a manifest reality in our world, and it might seem like it’s next to impossible, especially if we look at what is going on in the world today and the insanity of the human mind, but the fact is that it is happening. It is as if this urge for a complete inner mutation is coming from a place far beyond the human mind. The more we let it happen and welcome it, rather than resist or fight it, the easier it will be for this transformation to happen, both in the life of the individual, and for the planet as a whole. We are very fortunate to be here at this time, because the changes we are witnessing to a greater and greater extent are of a magnitude that is unprecedented in human history. It is our responsibility, good fortune and great privilege to be the channels through which the new consciousness will manifest on this planet, and it is something that should be celebrated rather than thought of as a burden or a problem. God only knows what lies ahead for us, but peace, love and freedom will ultimately prevail. That’s the only prediction I am ever going to make with any degree of certainty.

Spiritual transformation used to be something that happened only to the very few exceptional individuals who went their own way, either by necessity or choice. It has always been an exceedingly rare occurrence for somebody to reach full spiritual maturity, but we might live to see this happen on such a scale that it’s the rule rather than the rare exception. It’s of no use to speculate on what “critical mass” might be in this respect, or when that point will be reached, but if and when we do get there, the world will be transformed in ways we presently cannot even begin to imagine.