The most dangerous superstition

I recently listened to the audio version of a book called ‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’ by Larken Rose. It’s a very interesting book, well worth reading (or listening to), and I do recommend it. This book’s central claim is that ‘government’ is the most dangerous superstition, but even though what we know as ‘government’ most definitely is a dangerous superstition, I don’t agree that it is the most dangerous one. After all, what is government other than just another expression of identification with separate ego? In other words, it’s a manifestation of selfishness, disguised as a benign institution voted in by ‘the people’ in order to organise and administer society to the common good of all, and make sure that nobody suffers unnecessarily. But as we all know only too well, that’s a far cry from reality and how things actually work.

It’s rather obvious that the world has for a long time been dominated by selfishness, most directly expressed through greed and fear, and this is unfortunately still the case, perhaps more than ever. As long as this is the state of affairs, nothing much is going to change. Moreover, virtually all political leaders and other people in powerful positions are fully consumed by selfishness, often expressed as a strong desire for control and power. It could even be argued that it is only the most selfish and narcissistic egomaniacs who could ever manage to ascend to the highest positions of political power. And so, the ruthless struggle for power and control goes on, getting only more and more ridiculous and crazy by the day.

The way things are in the world is a perfect reflection of almost total identification with ego, and ego desperately trying to survive, and not just to survive, but to make itself bigger, stronger, more powerful, more in control. It’s a vicious circle; the more power ego-obsessed people get, the more they seem to want, and the result of this is a world that’s spiralling down into ever greater depths of insanity. Desire for power and control is actually quite unnatural and goes against life itself. Given the way in which the world has developed over the last hundred years or so, if not even longer, and especially since 2020, it is entirely possible that we may well live to see the complete collapse of modern civilisation. Such a presumably unpleasant scenario would in fact essentially be the inevitable end result of identification of ego on a planetary level. It would be the final and ultimate result of the ego’s narcissistic hunger for power and control.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a steadily accelerating process known as globalisation. This relentless push for massively increased surveillance and centralisation of power is obviously what all the globalist egomaniacs in organisations like the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and many others are all working towards. They seem totally consumed by a crazy ego-centred lust for power and an insatiable desire for control. However, the people leading these organisations are by no means the only ones caught in the illusion of ego identity. Even most of what we think of as ‘ordinary people’ identify with ego as their primary identity, despite the fact that such an identity is fake, and inevitably leads to division and conflict.

Once humanity moves beyond that identification with a separate core ego identity, government and politics as we think of them will no longer exist, nor will royalty, hierarchical power structures, and perhaps not even countries, at least not as we know them now. It would be a different world altogether, but most people won’t even have considered that possibility, quite simply because they are themselves so totally entrenched in ego identity that they would find it difficult even to imagine anything beyond it. That’s not to say that they’re necessarily doing anything wrong. Everybody is wherever they are in their development, in their particular expression of life, and it’s all the way it is, maybe how it has to be at this time.

Spiritual transformation quite simply means the letting go of identification with a separate ego self, higher self, soul – or whatever word one prefers – as one’s primary identity, and thus instead being centred in being itself, consciousness itself, which is universal, not personal. It is unlimited, hence does not lead to division and conflict. Anyone who has let go of the identification with a fake ego identity, will find it much easier to envision and understand what a transformed world might look and feel like, and the quality of it. Then you will also realise straight away that the many institutions of modern civilisation and our society are based on this ego identification as their foundation. That’s why they can’t survive in the long run. Something else will take their place, and the entire world of politics and government will eventually become redundant. In a new world of peace, harmony and unity, the profession of being a ‘politician’ would be completely irrelevant and superfluous, so would no longer exist. None of it has any place in a sane world. It’s not needed. A sane world will and can only be populated by people who are actually sane, and what need would they ever have of politicians, royalty, self-serving ‘think tanks’ and hypocritical non-governmental organisations? All of that will come to an end as a new world emerges.

The transformation that humanity and this planet is currently undergoing is a spiritual transformation, and it is emerging from deep within. It’s not something that we can take control over and force into a particular kind of pattern, or anything like that. It’s of course still entirely up to us how we relate to what is happening in the world, how we decide to live and what path we choose to travel through these difficult and challenging times. Regardless of what choices we may make, and what paths we happen to be travelling, all will eventually lead to the same end result; a world that is totally transformed for the better, because the human expression of consciousness may then be flowering to its full potential throughout humanity as a whole.

A transition into a world of peace, harmony, love and oneness does of course mean entering into a totally different world, and that’s not necessarily an easy transition. However, we can to some extent make choices that will make this process easier. On the one hand, we can mindlessly just go along and accept all the insanities that they are trying to push on us, such as digital ID, central bank digital currency, a cashless society, a China-style social credit system, total surveillance, the internet of things and bodies, as well as endless injections of toxic substances. If that’s what we end up doing, this transition would almost certainly be very difficult, painful and challenging, even though it would still happen. In such a scenario, there might not be that many people left to emerge on the other side. On the other hand, if we actively do resist all those various methods of control and manipulation, with their loss of freedom and autonomy, and practice peaceful non-compliance, then the entire process of transformation is likely to be much easier.

Many people are now also actively trying to create and build alternatives to the current emergence of the insane dystopia of technocracy, transhumanism and automation of life in all areas of society. These efforts of finding viable alternatives to the evolving real-life version of 1984 are very commendable, and of course necessary. Such a process of creative regeneration is also a process of trial and error, but that’s the way of any task as monumental as creating a new world while the old one is collapsing all around us. In other words, the ‘old normal’ is never coming back, and what is currently referred to as the ‘new normal’ has no chance whatsoever of surviving in the long run. A new world is starting to come into view, and it’s a world where humanity in its natural expression has not only survived, but gone through the necessary spiritual transformation to create a world which is built on the rock solid foundation of peace, freedom, unconditional love and harmony in all our relationships.

Regardless of how we end up finding our way through all this, the most important aspect of the entire process is that it is a transformation that is spiritual in nature. However, it would appear that a lot of people have not yet understood or realised that, and this seems to be the case in the ‘freedom movement’ as well. I do get the impression that a lot of people who are fighting against the ever-encroaching tyranny and draconian nature of everything that the would-be dictators of the world are trying to put in place, seem to think that if we could only get rid of this or that political leader, or cleanse the world of people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, dissolve the World Economic Forum and all these other entities and organisations, then we’ll be fine. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

What is required is a spiritual transformation flowering from within all individuals, but it is very important to keep in mind that spiritual transformation is most definitely not some kind of airy-fairy New Age fluff, complete with all the right feel-good words and beliefs. What a spiritual transformation actually means is quite simply the transformation of fear into love, greed into generosity, war into peace, conflict into harmony and division into oneness. That transformation is not just a nice idea, but something that we all need to fully live, embody and manifest in the world, in all our relationships. That’s what it’s going to take.

So, to sum up, the most dangerous superstition isn’t ‘government’ as such, because government as we have come to know it, is just a symptom of a deeper and much more serious malady. The most dangerous superstition, by a long shot, is the unquestioned and unexamined belief in a separate ego as one’s core identity, living in a world that exists independently of consciousness. That separate entity doesn’t exist, nor is there such a thing as a ‘world’, material or otherwise, that exists independently of consciousness.

Our true nature, who we are in essence, is being itself, universal consciousness, which is not separate from anything on the level of form. It is formless, impersonal and unlimited. It was never born and never dies. It is always present. It is that without which nothing could ever exist, not even as potentiality. It is the essence of all life; the conscious creative intelligence that is at the heart of life itself. That is the true nature of who we all are. Everything that we think of as the world – all aspects of life, all manifestation, including time and space – is contained within that. An infinite number of different forms come and go. They appear, seem to exist and then disappear, yet being itself is eternally present here now. Consciousness is not something that is residing inside each body, as it were, somehow existing in the world, or the universe. All bodies, the whole world, the universe and all the rest of it, are just appearances within consciousness, modulations of consciousness as it were, and nothing but temporary expressions of that which is eternally present.

The realisation of all this is the key that unlocks the door to a new Earth and a world of freedom, peace, unconditional love and harmony.

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