A positive vision of humanity’s future

There can no longer be any doubt that we are currently living through unprecedented world historic times, but even so, it seems that the majority of us may not yet have realised that what we are all now directly involved in, is at heart a spiritual transformation, orders of magnitude greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before. The time has now come for all of us to take the quantum leap into manifesting the new human inhabiting a new Earth. This is no small task, but we have the potential for this, otherwise we wouldn’t be here at this time.

However, we shouldn’t downplay the forces currently working against us and this planetary spiritual transformation. By now it should be abundantly clear to us that humanity is under very serious attack. Everything that’s being pushed upon us is geared towards an end scenario of massive global depopulation, the implementation of transhumanism, and the replacement of humanity with synthetic humanoid forms, living under total surveillance in a society that’s a full-fledged technocracy, with digital ID, digital money, digital everything. In other words, a new kind of high-tech serfdom, which amounts to complete slavery for the vast majority of us. The insane globalist billionaires orchestrating this are trying to bring about what they love to refer to as “the great reset” or a “new world order”, which are insider catchphrases for a tiny elite controlling everybody and owning absolutely everything, and everybody else owning nothing.

This is of course a very serious situation, yet we should not despair or feel despondent about any of it, because in actual fact, it’s all part of humanity’s spiritual awakening. In a sense, it is not only a wake-up call for all of us, but also a detox process on humanity’s journey towards its full potential. Once this crisis has run its course and exhausted itself, we will also have gone through the necessary spiritual cleansing to inhabit a new Earth populated by a new human being. This spiritual cleansing is absolutely essential for peace on Earth to become a living and tangible reality. It will help us leave selfishness, greed and fear behind for good, and thus make harmony, peace and love into a living reality for all of us.

In this new world, there will be no politicians or governments. It will be a completely decentralised world, in which people will be living in fairly small communities, cooperating with each other, instead of competing for land and resources. The new human will be living in complete harmony with all life, loving, honouring and respecting the natural world. Any agricultural activities will be conducted along the lines of what we today think of as small-scale organic farming and permaculture, and all necessary energy will be generated in natural and harmless ways, many of which are still to be discovered and developed into viable alternatives to fossil, nuclear and so-called ‘green’ ways of generating energy.

The new Earth will be peaceful and harmonious, yet also affluent. A life of oneness and harmony will effortlessly create a world free from conflict and selfishness. A transformed world can become a reality only through the spiritual transformation of the individual. For this to happen, deep and authentic self-knowledge is absolutely essential. Each and every one of us has to realise our true nature as universal consciousness, the formless eternal that gives birth to all forms. This will transform fear into love, greed into generosity, war into peace, conflict into harmony, bondage into freedom and division into oneness.

A world of peace and harmony is one in which all human endeavour, interaction and communication are totally free from conflict and based on everybody’s shared values of love, integrity and kindness. When all human activity is conducted from a universally shared vision of oneness and the living reality of the unity of all life, we will finally be living in a world of peace, abundance and harmony, as living manifestations of unconditional love, true moral integrity and spiritual maturity. This is our highest potential and ultimate destiny.

You might be thinking to yourself that this may all sound very nice, but utterly utopian, and that’s a fair point. After all, this vision of humanity’s future and our ultimate destiny seems a far cry from the reality of what we are actually facing during these troubled times. I am also very well aware of the fact that, for the most part, humanity is not quite ready for an enlightened world of peace and harmony. We still have some growing up to go through, but this process of awakening is certainly gathering pace, and may soon reach the critical mass necessary for transformation on a planetary scale to take place.

But what is it going to take? What can we do to make such a monumental shift in consciousness take place? There isn’t a blueprint or a pre-determined plan for anything like this, so it is important to understand that each and every one of us has to take responsibility for bringing about a new world of justice, peace and harmony. We all have our unique and very individual part to play in such an epic transformation, and there is no ‘one and only way’ to spiritual transformation that everybody must follow. However, it’s not primarily a question of what we need to do, because we are after all talking about a revolution in consciousness, and that is a revolution that can’t really be triggered by any particular kind of ‘doing’ on our part. Yet at the same time, as long as we follow our deepest inner guidance, whatever we happen to be doing at any one time will play its necessary part in this transformation.

The true source of the monumental changes that are currently taking place on this planet may be hidden from our sight, but even so, we are all essential for this multidimensional process to take place and reach its conclusion. We have the potential to be the ultimate flowering of Life itself, hence we are charged with the responsibility and privilege of being the main agents through which the long-awaited transformation of planet Earth will finally turn from potential into living reality. We may find it difficult even to imagine how we could possibly reach our full potential and create a new world of peace and harmony, especially considering the serious state the world is presently in.

Nobody knows exactly how all of this will play out, yet we can help the spiritual transformation of humanity by letting go of all fear, and to the best of our ability be the change that we want to see in the world. Regardless of what the powers that shouldn’t be are trying to foist upon us and force us into, they will eventually fail and be fully exposed for all to see. Their modern iteration of the tower of Babel will sooner or later come tumbling down, and the ultimate outcome of the upheaval and chaos we are currently in the midst of can in the long run only be a new Earth of peace, harmony, love, freedom and true justice. This new Earth will be inhabited by a new human being manifesting a totally new kind of life, which is one of boundless joy, creativity and abundance. That much is set in stone, and completely beyond what any of us can change. All the rest of it is entirely up to us.

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