The Only Revolution

We are here on Earth at this time because we all have our part to play in the great drama presently unfolding. We are essentially directly involved in a challenging and often painful process of spiritual awakening, but this is a process that has become an urgent necessity for us to survive as a species. Our collective addiction to technology and power has lead us onto a very dangerous path where we risk ending up in a transhumanist dystopia, which would be the end of humanity as we know it. Therefore our collective responsibility is to create a new world inhabited by a new human being, who will effortlessly manifest a world of love, peace and harmony. At that point in our long and colourful evolution, life itself may well be our true religion, nature our church and loving kindness our only spiritual practice. This is the greatest revolution of all, and the only one that will ever make a real difference.

This revolution will lead to a unification of science and spirituality, in the sense that science will shed its materialistic philosophy and embrace a spiritual approach to its view of nature and the world. It will also lead to religious belief and dogma becoming obsolete, which means that humanity will mature spiritually, thus embracing a scientific approach to life and spiritual inquiry instead of the majority of us clinging to outdated and limiting beliefs and practices.

A fundamental change in the human psyche is essential for humanity to survive, but because this inner revolution is of a spiritual nature, it is very important to clarify what is meant by the word spirituality. A spiritual way of life must necessarily include the qualities of compassion and unconditional love, mindfulness and presence, and a high degree of authentic self-knowledge. It can be argued that self-knowledge is the most important of these, because unconditional love and being present in the eternity of now are the spontaneous and natural flavours of true self-knowledge. The realisation of your true nature also means that you know that form and formless are one, and that everything that seems to exist on the level of form is merely an expression of that which is beyond and independent of all forms.

To be here at this auspicious time in the history of humanity is certainly a great gift and privilege, but it also carries with it a very serious responsibility. We are now fundamentally challenged to be the channels through which humanity finally comes of age, reaches psychological maturity and manifests its full spiritual potential.

It may be that many were called, but we are the ones who have chosen to fulfil humanity’s great potential and embody the new human populating a new Earth. This might seem like a daunting prospect and a nearly impossible task, so we need to realise that we do have what it takes to rise to this challenge. As long as we do so without fear, but with love and compassion, we may indeed live to see the dawn of a new world; a world in which peace is the natural order of life, and unconditional love is the guiding light for all our relationships and how we live in the world.

Everybody has their unique part to play in the great drama currently unfolding on this planet, and if we can see beyond the simplistic good versus bad story we have been conditioned to believe in, we will start to understand that what’s happening now is in all its aspects necessary for the successful spiritual transformation of humanity and the creation of a new Earth. In other words, even the so-called bad people, whoever we may think that they are, play a necessary role, and trying to get rid of them will not only not make any difference, it will make the transition even more difficult.

The constant, seemingly inevitable, push towards globalisation, total surveillance, artificial intelligence and transhumanism is of course not in the best interest of the vast majority of humanity, and should be resisted with all our might. However, the silver lining to this process is that it is actually leading to more and more people waking up from their spiritual slumber, quite simply because we’re now faced with a full-scale attack on all of humanity from a force that essentially might not even be human at all.

Humanity has now come to its most critical point in its long evolution, and this time it’s different, because now we are faced with the choice of a deep rooted spiritual revolution, or to become extinct, which is incidentally what the transhumanist agenda is all about; the transformation of the natural human form into a synthetic, centrally controlled cybernetic ‘human’, totally devoid of the capacity for empathy, compassion and critical, independent thinking.

The passion for freedom will help us see the truth and thus set us free. This passion is being awoken through the adversities that we are now facing, so seen from a higher perspective, it is actually quite a good thing that we are going through this very trying time right now. It has the potential to bring out the very best in us, and it might well be the case that it is only when faced with a global challenge of this extreme nature, and the suffering that it inevitably brings, that we will mobilise all our forces, and find a way to let the very best in us flower into its full potential.

The dream of freedom is alive within us all, and we are now reaching towards it in a new way precisely because of the hardship that humanity is passing through. We will eventually make this dream a lived embodied reality on the day-to-day level, but something as big as this does come at a cost. Even if it seems that we may be paying a very high price for our freedom, it will seem as nothing once the new human is born, inhabiting the new Earth. That will be the point at which we enter a new era of creativity and innovation, far beyond anything we can presently imagine. We may then live to see the day when we will no longer be fighting to conquer nature, but live in effortless harmony with all life.

Peace on Earth will be a reality only when the power of love is greater than the love of power. Love is intrinsic to our nature and thus we all have the ability to love unconditionally, and create a world of harmony and peace. To manifest and share unconditional love is the greatest gift we can ever give to anyone. Love is also the only thing that can truly make a difference in the world, the only thing that can change this mad, tragic, dysfunctional and self-obsessed world for the better. Love depends on nothing else and is owned by nobody. It cannot be quantified or made into a commodity, and it’s the only thing in the world that is ultimately real, but then it’s not a thing and it’s not of this world. It is the transcendent reality of what we are.

As long as we remember to be kind and loving to all living beings, live lightly and consciously, we will inevitably make a positive difference to the world and help to create a new Earth. Be a light unto yourself, and never look for or desire rewards, recognition or praise, because ultimately they are all worthless. Love is its own reward. Sharing your love with the world and everybody you meet is the only true benediction, and the greatest gift you could ever give to anyone.

Spiritual transformation is not an abstract idea or a fancy notion dreamt up by some philosopher or guru somewhere. It is quite simply the transmutation of fear into love, greed into generosity, competition into cooperation, conflict into harmony, war into peace and separation into oneness. This process of spiritual transformation and awakening can only happen through the individual, and can never be brought about by political manoeuvring and legislation.

The world is our joint creation and will change for the better only when each and every one of us goes through a fundamental inner change. This is the only revolution that will ever make any real and lasting difference, and it can come about only through the spiritual awakening that happens when we as individuals realise the truth of our being, and realise that we are all one in consciousness. Only then can unconditional love effortlessly flower, and only then will the world finally know peace. We will be able to reach our full potential only when our flowering into awareness has become a living, manifest reality.

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