At the Crossroads

A lot has happened during this last year, and it looks like we have now arrived at the most important crossroads of all in our long and colourful evolution as a species. It seems obvious to me that, quite simply put, one road leads to slavery and the other one to freedom. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to take the road that will eventually lead to a world of technocracy, artificial intelligence, total surveillance, servitude and a new digital and virtual identity in the form of trans-humanism; or in short, the end of humanity as we know it. On the other hand, we also have the choice to branch off from this mainstream road of superficial convenience and so-called “smart” technology, and choose the road to freedom. This is a road that at least initially may seem much more challenging and difficult, but it is also a road to a world that is built on peace, true justice, love and cooperation. It is a world where technology is no longer worshipped and made into an addiction, but takes its rightful place as a useful servant to people’s true needs. It is a world that is completely decentralised on all levels, and where each and every one of us is in complete charge of our own lives. In other words, it’s a world free from the oppressive nanny state and its “government”, free from politicians, bureaucrats, multinational corporations, banking cartels, stock exchanges and other expressions of greed, exploitation and a rapacious lust for power.

I’m in the lucky position of never watching TV (I don’t have one), and I hardly ever bother with what’s called mainstream media. It seems to me that most of what is presented as “news” these days is nothing but government/special interests propaganda, so in other words, it’s fake news. With outright censorship being more and more widespread, it’s not always easy to find dissenting voices to the officially sanctioned narrative. However, those voices are there, speaking out whenever and wherever they can. For most people though, whatever’s on the news is the truth, and surely, all those experts and serious looking politicians would never lie to us, would they? As a matter of fact, they would lie to us, and they are constantly doing just that. Apart from corruption, dishonesty is actually the only thing that the vast majority of politicians are really good at.

The deletion of free speech is systematic and more and more common. This is blatantly obvious, at least to those of us who have been paying attention to what’s actually going on in the world, instead of just accepting what the talking heads on the idiot box tell us. The most insidious thing about censorship and the deletion of free speech is that most people will never know that it is happening. How could they, if all they ever hear and see is what’s on telly and “in the news”? And surely, the “fact checkers” have debunked and disproven anything that might seem to question what’s fed us through the officially sanctioned channels of information, haven’t they? What could there possibly be to worry about? We know what’s happening, don’t we, because they’re all repeating the same thing, over and over again, like a hypnotist, so how can we ever even think to ask questions about any of it?

Most of us live in a more or less permanent state of hypnosis, which has been so cleverly created that it’s very difficult to grasp the true nature of it. We have slowly but surely been hypnotised by so many people and in so many ways that it would never even occur to most of us even to consider the possibility that this is what might be happening. Our parents, teachers, priests, politicians, and a wide range of so-called “experts” have all played their part in this ongoing process of putting us to sleep and making sure that we stay there. The most efficient and successful tool of our hypnotically induced sleep has been television. We may think we are being educated, informed and entertained by watching TV, but virtually everything you’re served up through the idiot box plays its part in deepening our sleep. You may think that you’re in charge of your own mind and your thought process, but if you’re a regular consumer of TV programming, you’re not. You are more like a sleepwalking zombie with little or no capacity for independent, creative thinking and action.

The unprecedented scenario that has played itself out on the world stage over the last year or so, and most people’s response to it, provide a very good example of this. If you have reacted with fear of this terrible deadly virus, accepted all the lockdown rules, happily donned a face mask, shut yourself in your home and kept away from other people as much as possible, you are a victim of hypnosis and psychological manipulation. The officially sanctioned messages that have been relentlessly dished out through television and virtually all mainstream media have made you react with fear, and therefore you do as you’re told, often without any kind of reflection or questioning.

This kind of brainwashing has been made even easier through the ubiquitous presence of wireless technology. What most of us may intuitively know, but hardly ever think about, is that the world of gadgets, apps and mobile technology was created for reasons that have nothing to do with making life easier for us. All of this high-tech tomfoolery is primarily meant to keep us under constant surveillance, enslave us and prepare us for an all-digital world. This is a world where we ultimately won’t have a life anymore as ordinary humans, or just “people”, but a world in which we ourselves will  have been more or less totally digitised and so completely stuck inside the matrix that it will be virtually impossible ever to find our way out of it again. In fact, if we allow ourselves to reach that point, even the idea of escaping from the matrix won’t even occur to us. Add to this the very serious health effects of exposing ourselves to wireless technology, and you have a recipe for disaster. Virtually everybody is a regular user of wireless technology, spending more and more time in that world, so the harmful mental and physical effects keep on accumulating. There is a mountain of independent research that proves that wireless devices have serious detrimental effects on human health, and you can still quite easily find this evidence if you are so inclined.

By the way, I will admit to being so old-fashioned when it comes to technology that most people would probably think I’m some kind of luddite. I do have a mobile phone, but it spends most of its time in a drawer, fast asleep in a faraday bag. I use it only for the occasional phone call about, but the very idea of carrying that phone with me wherever I go is totally abhorrent to me. My only experience with anti-social media is a short stint on Facebook about 10 years ago. I didn’t think much of it, and decided that it was not a world that I wanted to be part of. I do have a pc (wired, not wi-fi), which I use virtually every day for my writing and for accessing worthy sources of information, so it’s not that I’m a complete technophobe. Believe it or not, but before I retired last year, I spent 20 years working as a computer technician, so even a job like that is possible while still being relatively disconnected from and unaffected by the crazy world of cutting edge technology.

I can still remember the good old days when nobody had even the slightest idea that they couldn’t live without their phone. It really isn’t that long ago when even the idea of always carrying an internet connected computer with you would have seemed completely ludicrous. Yet here we are in 2021, and to the vast majority of humanity this kind of scenario now seems like something completely normal. If you’re still caught up in the virtual world and all its gadgets to the point where you feel that it’s all essential to your life, please do ask yourself: “Is this really the way I want to live?”

We are currently in the process of making a choice as to which road we want to travel on our further journey, but even so, it may never have occurred to you that you are now faced with the kind of choice I have outlined above. The danger of that position is that you will then by default go down the road that will inevitably lead to trans-humanism and a world in which we are nothing more than subservient slaves with no capacity for independent thought, with no chance of ever breaking free from it.

There is no doubt that we are now living through world historic times. We are in a situation with a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to escape from the matrix once and for all, and find true freedom and the realisation of our full potential. We do still have the choice to break away from the constantly encroaching tyranny of the brave new world of technocracy and jackboot fascism, but that can only happen if we consciously choose to disconnect from the rapidly growing insanity that is manifesting through us and amongst us. Now is the time to take our power back by standing up to tyranny. The most effective way of doing that is through peaceful non-cooperation and civil disobedience. Tyrants and dictators are powerful only as long as people willingly go along with their orders. As soon as we refuse to comply in large enough numbers, the nightmare of the last 12 months will be over. That is what will end the senseless lockdowns, meaningless rules and a life of self-imposed imprisonment. That is when we will regain and expand our lost freedom.

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