2020 has been a year of global upheaval, change and challenges on a scale and of a nature that we could hardly have anticipated beforehand. The great virus scare that emerged at the beginning of the year shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, and has obviously created very fertile ground for an accelerated manifestation of a world in which every single aspect of our lives are manipulated and controlled down to the smallest detail. We are now forced by extraordinary circumstances to respond to impositions and restrictions that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. During this year, the majority of humanity have had to adjust to what we have been told is “the new normal”, which for most of us has been a very disconcerting and deeply troubling experience.

More and more people are now starting to question if all the measures put in place are appropriate or necessary, and whether the real agenda behind all this is not so much fighting a virus that is obviously not much of a threat to the vast majority of us, but more to do with an insatiable desire for control, power and the creation of a brave new world along such lines. Behind all the rhetoric of “saving lives” and “fighting the pandemic”, many of us can sense the dark presence of something much more sinister and disagreeable. It is currently somewhat difficult to decide the exact nature of this dark presence in our midst, but suffice it to say that it knows nothing of love, compassion, empathy and freedom.

Lockdowns, severe limitations of civil liberties, house arrest and quarantine for perfectly healthy people, impositions of social distancing and wearing of masks, have all become part of “the new normal”, and by now nobody should be surprised if they, and other perhaps even more draconian measures, might prove to be here for a rather long time to come. Add to all this the ever more ruthless censorship and deletion of free speech, especially on the internet, and it does rather look like we are starting to stare a kind of global fascism in the eye, and a kind of world that to most of us looks more and more like Orwell’s dystopian vision of 1984.

If we look back at humanity’s journey over at least the last few centuries, if not even longer, it should be clear to everybody that the kind of world that we have created is one that is severely dysfunctional, overflowing with conflicts and problems of all kinds and a far cry from an ideal world of peace and harmony. It could be argued that the urgency of substantial and far-reaching change has become more and more pressing, and that we have now reached a point in our civilisation’s development where change is quite simply forced upon us. In other words, we no longer have the option of just carrying on as normal and hope for the best, because what has taken place during this last year is now forcing change upon us, whether we like it or not.

However, the question is: What kind of change do we really want? In my view, going back to “the old normal”, to the world that we used to know before all this kicked off, is quite simply no longer possible. In fact, we are faced with two possibilities; one is to go along with whatever we are told, and believe anything the government, authorities and a string of so-called experts are telling us. This will eventually lead us into a world of technocracy, artificial intelligence and trans-humanism. The forces that are working to guide us in this direction are very powerful, and have bought and are controlling most of the world’s politicians, the mainstream media and a large number of NGOs. The kind of world our would-be controllers want to create through their “great reset” is one of slavery and total control of everybody on the planet, down to the smallest detail. It means nothing less than the end of humanity as we know it.

The other possibility, which is still open to us, is quite simply to refuse to go along with this relentless push into tyranny, and instead create a world built on the foundations of freedom, love, harmony, co-operation and peace. This is a world that would have to be completely decentralised and where every single one of us is in complete charge of our own lives and destiny. It would be a world run by the principles of Natural Law, which effectively means that as long as you cause no harm, injury or loss to anyone, and conduct all your affairs and transaction with integrity, honesty and transparency, you may do whatever you like.

We have now reached a point where we are up against the greatest danger and the greatest challenge that we as a species have ever had to face. In short, we are now on the threshold of a monumental and far-reaching change that will decide not only our destiny, but also whether humanity has a future outside of the technocratic prison of total surveillance and centralised control. Nobody should fool themselves into thinking that what we are facing is going to be straightforward or easy. The birth of a New Earth and a New Humanity is an event of truly cosmic proportions and significance, and the only thing we can say with certainty is that it is not going to be an easy ride.

We now have a chance to transform ourselves and our world in ways that most of us might never even have imagined possible. It is up to all of us to face this challenge with all the courage we can muster, and thus take responsibility for creating a new world built on the rock solid foundation of love, true justice, harmony, freedom and peace. We have a golden opportunity to fulfil humanity’s true potential. This is our moment, and in order to succeed we must not only become fully aware of the danger we are facing, but also let go of all fear, and be willing to undergo the many challenges of deep and lasting personal and planetary transformation.

This may seem like a tall order for many of us, but we should never underestimate the tremendous power, resources and potential that are always available, waiting for us to tap into and claim as our birth right. We all have what it takes to transform ourselves and thus transform the world. All that’s required is for us to stand up for what we know to be true, let our love and understanding flow freely, connect with each other and be the change that we want to see in the world. This is not just a possibility, but also our ultimate destiny. Peace on Earth will be a living reality in the ultimate flowering of our full potential.

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